What to look for in the perfect summer suit

1st July 2021
Katie Kwok

For some, perhaps, the very idea of wearing a summer suit is enough to start breaking out in a sweat. But wearing a suit in summer doesn’t need to be uncomfortable. Follow our summer-suit tips for men and you too can step out in style this summer.

If you live in a hot country, yet you’re still required to wear a suit for business, or you need to wear one for a wedding, you’ll want to choose your summer suit carefully.

1 What fabric to choose for your summer suit?

Rule number one with lightweight suits is to think about the fabric. It’s key to draw a distinction between your winter and summer clothes, and that applies especially to suits.

For winter suits, think heavier cloth such as flannel wool or a wool & cashmere blend.

In summer, you need breathability and lightness. Wool can still work well, provided it’s a tropical wool summer-weight fabric or has been blended with silk or linen. In general, though, you’re looking for lightweight suit styles in breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen or a cotton-linen blend. Seersucker is a current favourite and looks excellent in stripes.

Loro Piana’s Summer Suits Terra Australis Incognita
Zegna’s Trofeo Summer Suits & Pants
Zegna’s Wool Summer Suits, Pants, & Vests including Stretch, Traveller, 15 Milmil 15 and Cool Effect
Zegna’s Natural Stretch & Performance Suits & Sport Jackets

Silk 2

(Upper left) Cerruti 1666-0007/0001: 56% Silk, 44% Wool, Navy & Light Blue Check, 320 Gr/Mt
(Upper right) Loro Piana N706007: 71% Wool, 15% Silk, 14% Linen, Off White & Navy Stripe, 250 Gr/Mt
(Lower left) Loro Piana N704019: 49% Wool, 30% Silk, 21% Linen, Light Green Herringbone, 240 Gr/Mt
(Lower right) Loro Piana N704023: 100% Silk, Plain Prussian blue, 260-270 Gr/Mt

2 The lining of your summer suit

What makes a suit cool and summery goes far beyond its bright and breezy colour. You’re also going to need to assess the lining.

Cotton or linen lightweight suits can be uncomfortably warm if they’re fully lined. That’s even truer when the lining is a non-breathable man-made fabric.

You should look out for summer suits with a half-lining. This involves lining on the sides and upper back of the jacket – or even no lining at all, apart from under the arms.

Half Lining Summer Suit
(Above) Half-lined Persian Blue Jacket

3 The trousers

In the hot weather, you need room for air to circulate in your trousers. The last few seasons, with their focus on slimline suits, have made this difficult. But the latest fashions have seen a more relaxed cut to the thighs, with more of a taper or a pleat on the waistband.

Summer Trousers 2

(Above) Summer Linen Trousers

4 The hem

In the winter, you’ll probably have a break in your trousers legs (so that they touch your shoes). In summer, though, you might want to ask your tailor to add a turn-up to your trousers. This will help air circulate.

Summer Suit Hem

(Above) Suit Trouser with Turn-Up Cuff

Follow this simple summer-suit advice and life will be more comfortable during the hotter months. For personalized advice to stay cool and stylish throughout the seasons, book an appointment with one of our travelling tailors at an upcoming Trunk Show near you.