Made In Italy Custom Tailored Printed Shirts

14th December 2023
Katie Kwok

Originating from Northern Italy, these fabrics possess a luxurious warmth and softness, seamlessly blending a rich fluidity with vibrant print quality. From ornate Art Nouveau designs and dainty 1930s florals to bold geometrics, captivating landscapes, and unique conversationals, these fabrics provide a colorful and versatile canvas for a variety of garments, including shirts, trousers, and pyjamas. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, they add an exquisite touch to any wardrobe, inviting you to embrace the beauty and creativity of Italian textile craftsmanship.

Fabric Composition: 100% Cotton

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Fabric No. SZL1001

Szl1001 Lanthe Classic

Fabric No. SZL1002

Szl1002 Lanthe Pink


Fabric No. SZL1003

Szl1003 Lanthe Blue

Fabric No. SZL1004

Szl1004 Lanthe Multi

Fabric No. SZL1005

Szl1005 Lanthe Brown

Fabric No. SZL1006

Szl1006 Pond Side

Fabric No. SZL1007

Szl1006 Lanthe Pale

Fabric No. SZL1008

Szl1008 Stripes Bright

Fabric No. SZL1009

Szl1009 Stripes


Fabric No. SZL1010

Szl1010 Around London Blue

Fabric No. SZL1011

Szl1011 Around London Beige

Fabric No. SZL1012

Szl1012 Spring Greens

Fabric No. SZL1013

Szl1013 Brown Stars

Fabric No. SZL1014

Szl1014 Blue Stars

Fabric No. SZL1015

Szl1015 Black Stars

Fabric No. SZL1016

Szl1016 Colorful Stars And Moon On Navy

Fabric No. SZL1017

Szl1017 Colorful Stars And Moon On Forestgreen

Fabric No. SZL1018

Szl1018 Colorful Stars And Moon On Orange

Fabric No. SZL1019

Szl1019 Horoscopes On Galaxy Aqua

Fabric No. SZL1020

Szl1020 Horoscopes On Galaxy Blue

Fabric No. SZL1021

Szl1021 Horoscopes On Galaxy Purple

Fabric No. SZL1022

Szl1022 Red Houses

Fabric No. SZL1023

Szl1023 Purple Houses

Fabric No. SZL1024

Szl1024 Blue Houses


Fabric No. SZL1025

Szl1025 Tropical Fruit Floral On Black

Fabric No. SZL1026

Szl1026 Blue Gold Tulip On Navy

Fabric No. SZL1027

Szl1027 Fiekd Yellow

Fabric No. SZL1028

Szl1028 Field Blue

Fabric No. SZL1029

Szl1029 Blue Blossom On Navy

Fabric No. SZL1030

Szl1030 Town Green

Fabric No. SZL1031

Szl1031 Town Purple

Fabric No. SZL1032

Szl1032 Link

Fabric No. SZL1033

Szl1033 Chain

Fabric No. SZL1034

Szl1034 Geomatric Red

Fabric No. SZL1035

Szl1035 Geomatric Green

Fabric No. SZL1036

Szl1036 Prosperity

Fabric No. SZL1037

Szl1037 Wealth

Fabric No. SZL1038

Szl1038 Oil Paint

Fabric No. SZL1039

Szl1039 Cloud

Fabric No. SZL1040

Szl1040 Tales

Fabric No. SZL1041

Szl1041 Stars

Fabric No. SZL1042

Szl1042 Windsor

Fabric No. SZL1043

Szl1043 Pond Side

Fabric No. SZL1044

Szl1044 Paint Water Paint Mosaic


Fabric No. SZL1045

Szl1045 Brown Whale Universe

Fabric No. SZL1046

Szl1046 Blue Whale Universe

Fabric No. SZL1047

Szl1047 Whale Universe

Fabric No. SZL1048

Szl1048 Creamy Bizarre Dream

Fabric No. SZL1049

Szl1049 Bizarre Dream

Fabric No. SZL1050

Szl1050 Blue Bizarre Dream

Fabric No. SZL1051

Szl1051 Pink Arrows

Fabric No. SZL1052

Szl1052 Blue Arrows

Fabric No. SZL1053

Szl1053 Wildflowers Red

Fabric No. SZL1054

Szl1054 Wildflowers Black

Fabric No. SZL1055

Szl1055 Wildflowers Green

Fabric No. SZL1056

Szl1056 Check

Fabric No. SZL1057

Szl1057 Sakura

Fabric No. SZL1058

Szl1058 View


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