Model in long sleeve green polo shirt, custom tailored by Senszio as part of the men

Welcome to Senszio’s classic polo shirt

Was any item in a gentleman’s wardrobe ever as versatile as the humble polo shirt? Nothing says smart-casual so much as the clean lines, the form-fitting shape and the neatly pressed collar of this design classic.

Wear them on the boardwalk in summer. Wear them on dress-down Fridays. Wear them to the golf club. Wear them long-sleeved with tweed when the winter sets in. Wear them out.


Stylish light grey polo shirt worn under a brown overshirt, custom made by Senszio

What’s the history of the polo?

Today, your children wear the polo to school. You pull it on after a day at the beach. You wear it to the office. To the race meeting. If you’re feeling racy, turn up the collar and tie your sweater around your neck, for an iconic look.

Back in the day, though, the polo shirt was worn for just that. Polo. The horseback sport has its origins in 19th-century India. Players wore long-sleeved cotton shirts. But the flapping collar was an annoyance, so the players secured them with buttons.

Polo players wore them long-sleeved, which works well for spring and autumn wardrobes.

Long sleeved men

How do I wear the polo?

The polo is as classic a design as the VW Beetle or the Eames chair, so it’s essential that you find ways to work the polo shirt into your wardrobe.

Wear it on its own in all its pastel-hued glory. Use it for layering beneath knitwear, or notch things up slightly by teaming with a blazer.

If your complexion is dark, opt for a lighter shade and vice versa. But if your skin is paler, you can still choose lighter colors, provided you have enough contrast in your trousers. Consider Senszio’s chinos – another timeless classic.

Stay cotton-cool in summer with short sleeves or transition into spring with longer-sleeved polos. At Senszio, we build the collar just like a woven shirt, with full band and light interlining.

Flat lays of Senszio custom made polo shirts, in green, grey and black. Made from premium Italian stretch cotton

What fabrics do you use?

At Senszio, our polo shirts come in three different fabrics:
• Piqué knit (the classic fabric) – 100% cotton for all-year-round wear
• Jersey knit in a cotton and cellulose blend – for spring and summer
• Piqué knit in cotton, linen and cellulose blend – spring and summer.

For the best fit and drape, go for the piqué knit. And if you want to be a conscious consumer, it’s worth knowing that cellulose is made from eucalyptus pulp. That means zero waste processes and no chemicals or pesticides. It also uses 20 times less water than cotton.


Flat lay of Senszio custom made dark green polo shirt, available in long or short sleeve. Made from premium Italian stretch cotton

How should the polo shirt fit?

For maximum flattery, wear your polo shirts slim around the chest, stomach and armhole. Your polo should cling in all the right places, so make sure it’s 1″-1.5″ (2.5cm – 4cm) slimmer than your shirt around your biceps. Shoulder and sleeve length should be identical to your shirt.

For further flexibility, choose a longer fit. That way you can wear your shirt inside your dress pants for a more-formal look or outside for casual occasions.

At Senszio, we make your shirts bespoke, so you can make a statement whether you’re at the beach or just dreaming about it from your office.