How Should Grooms Dress for a Wedding?

20th June 2019
Pragati Gupta

How should grooms dress for a wedding?

Obviously, your wedding day is always going to be one of the most memorable days of your life. Every minuscule detail needs to be perfect – and that includes your groom’s suit.

There can seem like a lot of options and a lot of things to consider when it comes to finding the perfect wedding suit. But never fear. We have put together this guide to wedding grooms wear to answer all your questions.

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To help you decide how to dress as a groom for your big day, first consider what time of day you’re getting married.

Daytime wedding wear

Black tuxes will always be popular wedding attire for grooms. But wearing one for a daytime wedding can be tricky. That’s because black is not the sun’s friend. The colour will absorb all the heat from the sun, which could cause a perspiration problem.

Consider a tuxedo for weddings later in the day. For earlier weddings, light-coloured suits work well.

A Light Grey Two Piece Suit With A Patterned Bow Tie
(Above) A Light Grey Two-Piece Suit with a patterned Bow Tie

Night-time wedding wear

Night-time weddings are best suited to dark suits and ties. A tuxedo is a good option but, to be even safer, opt for a charcoal or navy suit.

Black Tuxedo With Satin Accents
(Above) Black Tuxedo with Satin accents

Groom Wears A Blue Three Piece Suit
(Above) Groom wears a Blue Three-Piece Suit with Satin accents. For a more informal look, tailor it without the Satin

Now let’s look at a few important rules about how grooms should dress for their wedding.

Choose a groom’s suit according to the agreed level of formality

Rule number one is to choose wedding clothes that fit with the overall feel of the occasion. For an outdoor summer wedding, you can afford to go more casual with your grooms wear– think light-coloured suits in more informal materials such as seersucker.

White With Blue Stripe Seersucker Suit
(Above) White with Blue Stripe Seersucker Suit

But what if you’re getting married in the evening in a ballroom? You’ll need a tuxedo or dark, well-tailored suit. To be even more formal, consider the white-tie groom look. For this, you’ll need a black tailcoat, white shirt and white bow tie. Formal wear doesn’t get more formal.

Morning Suit
(Above) Morning Suit: 1 Button Cutaway Coat & a Curved Tail at the back which should be tailored fall just before the knee. A double-breasted Waistcoat and Grey Striped Trousers complete the look

Match your partner

You should try to coordinate your groom’s attire with your partner’s look. While you probably won’t know exactly what your partner will be wearing, you should at least be forearmed with some kind of idea about the style they’ve chosen.

Be guided by your body shape

It’s key to dress according to your body shape. Tuxedos look good on slim, tall men. If you’d like to look bigger, consider a double-breasted suit. Want to look slimmer? Go for a fitted suit that fits snugly around the waist. Lighter colours will make you appear larger, while darker colours will have the opposite effect. If you want to add height, we can lower the first button of the jacket.

Double Breasted Suit
(Above) Caramel Herringbone Double Breasted Suit

Get the fit just right

The most beautiful tuxedo in the world won’t look right if it doesn’t fit correctly. Make sure you have plenty room to move easily. When trying it on, twist, turn and raise your arms. Remember – you’ll want to dance in it later. Go to a reputable tailor to have your tuxedo custom-tailored. Choose Senszio, and we’ll come to you.

Coordinate with your ushers (groomsmen)

In the UK, they’re known as ushers. Elsewhere, groomsmen. Make sure your look coordinates with them. If they’re all wearing tuxedos and you’re in a linen suit, you won’t look back at the photos with any pride.

It doesn’t have to be precisely the same suit – just so long as you get the same look and feel. You can extend this principle to the rest of the wedding party as well. There should be cohesion throughout. Make sure your ushers talk to the bridesmaids about their chosen style.

Accessorise to individualise

Everyone at the wedding will be coordinated, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be an individual. And that comes down to how you accessorise. For weddings, there are plenty of them.

You might want to consider a bow tie or a boutonniere. How about a patterned waistcoat or necktie? A cummerbund can work well, while cufflinks can offer the ultimate in personalisation. Nothing says you like a pair of cue-ball cufflinks, Star Trek cufflinks or Mercedes cufflinks.

Boutonnière On A Three Piece Blue Suit
(Above) Boutonnière on a Three-Piece Blue Suit

Black Bow Tie On A Tortilla Tuxedo Jacket With Black Tuxedo Pants
(Above) Black Bow Tie on a Tortilla Tuxedo Jacket with Black Tuxedo Pants

Boutonnière And A Diamond Stud On A Striped Tie
(Above) Boutonnière and a Diamond stud on a Striped Tie

For two-tone weddings, you can also stand out from your groomsmen by wearing the opposite color. If they’re wearing the black, you can wear the white.

Have fun letting your personality shine through.

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