Senszio custom made suits are perfectly designed to suit your personal style, fit and lifestyle, whether you prefer striped shirts or something plain

Travel the world, grow your network and be your own boss. Your new fashion start-up has already found backers.

While much has changed since Senszio’s foundation in 1989, our core values remain the same. We are committed to outfitting discerning gentlemen with quality custom tailored and bespoke clothing crafted using cloth from top fabric mills. We pride ourselves on not only creating our customers’ dream wardrobe, but also steering them towards the newest styles unique to each fashion region. Our customers know that they can rely on us to make the best clothing to match their style, personality and fit. Using a direct sales operating model, our team consists of highly motivated, service-minded and leadership-orientated sales professionals.



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Travel Opportunity

Travel to different urban locations in USA and Europe (NYC, LA, Paris, London and more) to host trunk shows where you will:

  • Meet prospective clients to introduce the company and its products.
  • Measure up clients for fittings.
  • Guide clients and help them decide fabrics, stylings and fitting for their specific clothing needs.
  • Write up orders.
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Commission based pay

  • Your pay is a blend of fixed pay & commission which is purely based on how hard you work, and how effective your sales are. Building a steady and happy client base will drive referrals and push sales as time goes by.
  • Our first-year partners can expect to earn a commission of US$75,000 in their first year, and up to US$100,000 per year for the 2nd & 3rd years, then growing to more than US$125,000 per year depending on how they are able to scale their client base.
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Leadership opportunities

  • Over time we plan to take a hands-off approach for our Partner Stylists.
  • After your first year, we encourage you to develop your own regional team with our support.
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Build your network

  • Have the freedom to express yourself and build a personal relationship with each of your clients.
  • Create your own clientele that looks up to you for their styling and suit needs.
Our handmade custom tailoring process allows you to customise even the finest details of your garments, e.g. buttons

Flexible work hours

  • You are essentially running your own business. Your success is our success, so we trust you to work as hard as you think is fit.


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Fashion Forward & Sociable

Our clients will look to you to be their fashion leaders, so being well dressed and engaged in the fashion world is a must. You need to live and breathe fashion; this is an opportunity to share your passion with others and not just a means to make a living.

Meeting clients will be a core part of your time, as well as the main source of your income. You will need to be able to meet and seek out new clients constantly as well as keep up contact with existing clients. They should look to you as a friend vested in their interests and a reliable source of fashion advice. A calm and trusting demeanor is most important; the product is the star, not hard sales tactics.

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Experienced & a Global Citizen

That being said, the core motivator will still be sales. We will be entrusting you with capital and time to get yourself going and we are prepared to be patient, but we still require 3 years of experience in luxury services and fashion sales. An entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to grow your own franchise will be important in succeeding with us.

This is a regional role, while we are happy for you to be able to experience many different locations across the globe, this is still a business. Being familiar with the cities that you will be working at is a huge asset to your success, so someone well-travelled is ideal.


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Training and development: Each new partner stylist will go through 2 months of training with us before being posted to his/her first location and we will regularly organise learning sessions on new fashion styles and fabrics available, including an annual visit to our fabric partners in Italy.

Career advancement: We are eager for you to start taking on more responsibilities as you see fit. There are no glass ceilings or bureaucratic hold ups here.

Performance incentive Salary: Compensation will come from the generous commission on your sales, as well as your team’s sales when you move into a leadership role. There will also be bonuses every year based on volume sold, not just sales figures.