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Welcome to the field jacket counter-culture 

Those with a maverick’s taste for bucking the trend will celebrate the resurgence of the field jacket. It’s a staple item of American counter-culture, a diversionary statement from suave twill and country tweed. An icon of street style.

Think De Niro in Taxi Driver. Rambo up in the trees. Al Pacino in Serpico. Even Woody Allen in Annie Hall. What draws them to the field jacket? Where does it come from?

Originally a military jacket from the 40s, the field jacket offers up four front bellows pockets. These obviated the need for a bag and freed up soldiers’ hands for guns and grenades.

The field jacket is a hip-length affair often characterised by epaulettes and a belt that stopped it snagging out in the bush. Today, the belt or drawstring simply offers an attractive cinched waist.

What’s the appeal? Maybe it’s the versatility. Wear your field jacket with shirt and tie; wear it with sneakers and jeans. Maybe its durability. It’s survived war after war. Or maybe the masculinity. Or perhaps simply because it’s just so darned cool.


Custom tailored field jacket in light khaki green, part of Senszio

How is the field jacket built?

At Senszio, we put our own spin on the field jacket. So yours is all your own. There’s a double zipper – perfect for when you’re sitting down and want to enhance your comfort by unzipping just the bottom half. Like Rambo on a log. Or maybe just you just patiently awaiting the night-sleeper from Hamburg.

We’ve added a removable quilted lining to give you that all-year-round flexibility. Six pockets? No. We give you nine. Perfect for carrying that extra round of shells. Or maybe just your phone, a Swiss Army knife and a well-thumbed Hemingway paperback.

You’ve got a drawstring waist for a flattering tapered look that also plumps out your chest. And a hidden hood under a suede trim that emerges in lieu of that forgotten brolly.

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What fabrics do you use?

We source your fabrics from Italian mills Vitale Barberis Canonico and Loro Piana’s Storm System double barrier. On the outside, the fabric is treated to create an invisible barrier around each fibre. Water simply slides off the surface, enhancing the jacket’s impermeability and protecting it against dust, dirt and liquid stains.

Moving time zones? Between seasons? Australia one week; Europe the next? Our Traveler Field Jacket is unique in being water-repellent.

On the reverse side of the fabric are Loro Piana’s exclusive, hydrophilic membranes that are resistant to both water and wind, and therefore help maintain the ideal body temperature.

Fabrics are offered in wool or cotton finishing, with weights ranging from a spring version of 200 grams to a winter alternative of 400 grams.