Senszio Custom Tailored Shearling Peacoat

Let’s go Dutch with a peacoat

It’s unlikely that winter will see you climbing the rigging of any boats. But if you do battle your way through the icy wind to secure the sails, then you’ll want to be warm. Back in the 18th century, the Dutch navy had the right idea: their choice of outerwear was the pijjakker, the first syllable of which is pronounced ‘pea’.

That pea syllable describes the hardy woollen cloth, while the jakker part refers to a man’s short, heavy coat. For the Dutch, the design was purely functional. They cut the coat short to enable free leg movement for the ‘reefers’, the chaps tasked with dealing with the sails.

Today, a peacoat makes a highly stylish statement, as comfortable worn with a pair of lived-in jeans as it is with a sharp suit walking the blocks of Lower Manhattan on the way to a Wall Street interview. We think you’ll love our take on this classic style.


Shearling Peacoat with Sport Jacket

Why did we add a shearling?

Classically, the peacoat adopts the same fabric for collar, lapel and body. But we’ve added our own twist: a soft shearling. It’s great for beating the weather and blocking frigid air from reaching the body. If we’re honest, we think it adds a little flair, too. We think you’ll look like a fighter pilot.

Black Double Breasted 8x4 Peacoat

What are the main styling details of the peacoat?

When you’re battling the elements, you want to be able to fasten your coat fast. That’s why the custom tailored peacoat offers a double-breasted, eight- or ten-button front with a ‘convertible’ Ulster collar. You’ll also feel a cut above the hoi polloi when wearing your peacoat. It was once the preserve of gentleman officers worn above deck: the option of having brass buttons attest to this (‘top brass’).

Your peacoat also comes with vertical side pockets for naval types to keep their hands warm, a snug fit up top for better weather protection, and a slightly flared lower area for improved leg movement. For when you’re climbing the rigging, obviously, rather than climbing in and out of city cabs.


Senszio Label Black Peacoat Inside Lining

What fabric have we used?

Your custom tailored shearling peacoat originates from the fabric mills of Loro Piana and Piacenza.

Loro Piana’s Storm System collection emphasises and enhances the exceptional quality of the natural fibres. Exclusive technical details provide water and storm resistance. Choose from 100% cashmere, 100% wool, or 94% wool and 6% cashmere.

Piacenza’s collection of technical and worn cashmere lends itself perfectly to peacoats, overcoats and overjackets. Although not water- or storm-resistant, the fabric comes with a heavier weight that keeps glacial temperatures at bay. Choose from 100% cashmere or a blend of 75% cashmere and 25% wool.