Tailored cream chinos partnered with a stylish light brown coat, styled and custom made by Senszio

Men’s Custom Tailored Overjackets

Introducing the Senszio overjacket, a contemporary twist on the iconic military overcoat. The military-look overcoat always turns heads on the high street, draped over an arm at the theatre, or casually hung on the boardroom coat stand. It’s a bold, masculine look loaded with authority.

At Senszio, we love the overcoat. The overcoat is the dressiest outerwear we make. It’s a long coat that sports full-length sleeves. The cut is slightly generous: you wear it over your suit, after all.

Ever the innovators, we’ve taken the traditional military overcoat and adapted it for the modern world. Introducing the Senszio overjacket. It’s shorter than its forebear, yet it’s every inch an overcoat.

These days, we’re forever sliding in and out of cars, we’re carrying bags and briefcases onto the subway. So the shorter cut allows for greater ease of movement and less weight to carry.

Our overjacket keeps all the overcoat detail, yet adds a little contemporary flair. It’s a single-breasted closure with buttons and a zipper. It stops just above the thighs, but this is winter wear, so we took away the vents for cold-weather insulation.

Despite its shorter stature, the cut hints at length, so the overjacket flatters most physiques and adapts itself beautifully to modern life.


Camel custom tailored overjacket, a contemporary twist on a traditional men

Senszio overjackets – packed with detail

•  Shearling on the collar for additional climate protection
•  Action back for increased mobility
•  Double zipper so you can keep the garment zipped while leaving the lower portion open. This makes it easier to, for example, reach an inside pocket
•  Stylish suede finish on the button placket and collar
•  Hidden button placket
•  Drawstring to taper the waist
•  Lower pockets with additional slanted zipper pockets
•  Extendable pointed cuff allowing for comfort when wearing a shirt, suit and watch
•  Horn buttons
•  No vents

The best fabric for a men

What’s the best fabric for an overjacket?

We recommend a wool and cashmere blend or a pure cashmere fabric with weights ranging from 450 grams/meter to 650 grams/meter. This offers the ideal level of warmth against colder and stormy climates.

Dry clean only.


Fleece lined collar of the men

How should an overjacket fit?

The overjacket is three inches longer than a traditional jacket, with ½” longer sleeves.

We make it roomier on the shoulders and in the chest, stomach, hips and arms, so you feel comfortable wearing it over your suit jacket.

Want to wear it over knitwear for a casual winter look? We can make it snugger.