Your first tailored suit experience: what to expect

8th January 2021
Katie Kwok

If you’re looking forward to being fitted for your first tailored suit, you might be curious about the experience. What happens at a suit fitting? What kind of questions will the stylist ask? What measurements will they take? What should you wear? How long will it take?

At Senszio, that suit-fitting experience is a little different from the formality and traditional exclusivity of Saville Row. That’s because our gentlemen tailors come to you. We travel the world, bringing the practised art of bespoke suiting to cities such as New York, Chicago and London. Throughout the year, we host trunk shows at cities across Europe and North America. Check out our Trunk Show schedule to find available appointments at locations near you.

Senszio Stylist shaking hands with Client for a custom tailored suit appointment
(Above) Our tailors will travel the world and meet you wherever suits you

We craft tailored suits that are made exclusively for your body shape, personal preferences and lifestyle. Here’s what the process looks like.

Step 1: Meeting with your personal stylist

We can meet at your place of work, in our hotel, or wherever suits you. At the first meeting, you’ll be measured by an expert tailor. You’ll also talk with one of our stylists to consider what type of suit you’d like, your lifestyle, and your work and travel habits.

We’ll consider all of this information when deciding which fabrics and cut will work best for your first tailored suit. We’ll look at all the finer details, such as button placement, size of pockets and their positioning. If you have any specific requests, we’ll cater for them. New phone? Favourite pen? Mother-of-pearl buttons? We can help.

Senszio Stylist and Client customizing a tailored suit
(Above) Exclusive fabric, lining and button selection for customers to choose from

Step 2: Testing the fit

Fittings are vital. At your second fitting, you’ll get to try on the first version of your tailored suit. It will be loosely sewn together with basting thread. This will give you a feel for the movement of the fabric & proportions of the cut.

Senszio second fitting for a bespoke tailored suit

(Above) Testing the fit

Your third bespoke suit fitting offers you the chance to further fine-tune the details. At this point, it’s easier to make measurement changes.

You’ll be advised at this stage to wear the kind of shirt and shoes you’d wear with the suit. That way, we can make sure you’re showing precisely the right amount of cuff, and we can get the break right (where the leg meets the shoes).

At the final meeting, your tailored suit is almost ready. After some final tweaks, it will be delivered to your door.

How Senszio combines traditional tailoring with modern expertise to provide a truly custom experience

When you choose a bespoke suit from Senszio, you’ll enjoy a huge amount of control over the process and how the tailored suit finally looks. The fittings will give you the chance to hand-pick the cut, the fit and the finishing touches. You’ll be able to add in any individual preferences.

This highly personalised process brings together your individuality and our expertise. The result is a masterpiece of technical skill and individual inspiration.

Senszio custom suit watch lining with the flags of Switzerland and Hong Kong
(Above) The inner jacket panels mid-construction at our atelier. A Swiss customer of ours in Hong Kong requested us to sew the flags of Switzerland & Hong Kong on the inner panels of the suit jacket

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