Travelling Tailors – The new high-end trend

21st November 2014
Tracy Chow

If you work in law, finance or banking in New York, London, Paris or another major city, you’re probably a bit pushed for time. So, getting out to the tailor’s to get fitted out for that new bespoke suit might not be so easy.

Senszio Traveling Bespoke Tailors Suit 800x513

So wouldn’t it be great if your bespoke tailor came to your office or home, whether it be in New York, Paris, Helsinki or anywhere else? They’d advise you on the latest trends, the finest fabrics – and take dozens of measurements so that you get a bespoke handmade suit perfectly fitted to you?

High-end tailoring
Well, you can stop dreaming, because the travelling tailor is here to stay. It’s the new high-end tailoring trend for businessmen and discerning gentlemen who want personal attention with the maximum convenience – from the same person who knows their preferences very well.

There are so many benefits that a travelling tailor service just makes so much sense. You get privacy and convenience plus personal, undivided attention, and there ‘s no need to leave your comfort zone. You also see the same person for years, so you get advice based on a great personal relationship.

At Senszio, based in Hong Kong, we’ve been taking our tailoring around the world for some time now. Our clients find that our travelling tailoring service is far preferable to tailors who use technology such as body scans or video cams to take your measurements.

Luxurious fabrics
Senszio’s bespoke advisors will come to your home or office, be it in New York, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo or anywhere else, with a collection of luxurious fabrics.

We’ll also bring along our measuring tape and chalk, and carefully note down your measurements and preferences on an iPad. The whole procedure takes about 45 minutes and you can look forward to a brand-new bespoke suit arriving in just six to eight weeks.