The unconstructed jacket- What is it?

4th November 2014
Tracy Chow
Unconstructed Jacket Tailoring Naxy 800x533

Every well-dressed gentleman should have an unconstructed jacket or sports coat in his wardrobe. But what is it and how do you wear it?
This sports coat, often referred to as unconstructed or deconstructed, is simply a jacket with little or no structure. It’s a traditional jacket with soft shoulders. There’s no canvas inside and it won’t be lined, except along the shoulder and in the sleeves.

Correct size

You’ll be able to see the seams, which means that your tailor will need to work hard on the inside of the jacket. Your unstructured sports coat can’t be altered in the same way as a traditional jacket, too. So it’s all the more important to order the correct size.

Because your unstructured jacket isn’t put together like a traditional jacket, don’t expect it to hang like one, either. You won’t get the clean lines of a traditional jacket. Expect instead a more casual look.

Your unstructured sports coat is highly versatile. You can team it with anything from chinos to jeans. You’ll also notice that it comes in a range of fabrics, so you can wear it in winter or summer.

Who’s it for?

The unstructured sport coat is for you if you want to put a little casual style into your wardrobe. It’s also a great choice for anyone who just wants to dip their toe into the world of casual jackets.

Once you start wearing your unstructured jacket, you’ll find it taking the place of your v-neck sweater more and more often (although you can wear both). You’ll find you enjoy the sense of unstructured style that your sports coat gives you.

At Senszio, we have a fine-quality, unconstructed jacket ready and waiting for you. Drop us an email to find out more.