The ultimate exclusivity of bespoke tailoring

22nd June 2017
Katie Kwok

Our lives have slowly been decided upon by big corporations of this world. In the past all clothing was bespoke tailoring, when you bought a pair of pants they would ask what length it should be cut to. If you bought a Shirt they would ask what sleeve length you needed. Our clothes were measured in centimeters and inches. As the march of progress continues we have lost this individuality, we have moved to arbitrary sizes, small, medium, large.

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Imagine a clothing store that always had your size. A clothing store that had all the styles and colours you wanted. A clothing store where instead of choosing from a selection of mediocre choices, the store listened to you. Listened to what style you wanted, what colour you wanted and exactly what size you wanted. This is the ultimate exclusivity of bespoke tailoring. Let us walk you through the process as one of our Chicago clients.

Break out from the thumb of Gap, Zara or Brooks Brothers. Instead of walking into a storefront with drones of others on a busy weekday, take the elevator up to our private suite high above the buzz of the city to craft a one-of-a-kind suit, shirt, jacket, coat or tuxedo. The freedom of your bespoke tailored suit will be felt mind, body and soul. Chicago bespoke suits from a top tailor such as, Senszio, is not just a purchase for your wardrobe, but a thrilling, luxurious and enlightening experience all in itself. It all starts with booking an appointment to your first sitting and making sure you are ready to go.

When you arrive at the Intercontinental Chicago Magnificent Mile our tailor will greet you in the lobby and take you up to our suite overlooking the Chicago River and neighboring buildings. Talk with your tailor about what you want, a business suit, a tuxedo or something more casual so he can prepare the correct measurements. When you are ready the fitting can begin.

After measurements are taken, browse over 300 different choices in the latest suit materials, shirt materials and suit linings. Trust your own instincts and make the suit just as you imagined, with your tailor to help guide you along the way. Once the components of your Chicago bespoke suit are chosen, the real fun begins. Think over any special details and adornments to truly personalize your tailored suit. Think about monograms, buttonhole colors, special pockets or any of these wild changes.

After everything is set, master craftsmen get to work. Think of something you want to change in the 2-3 weeks for your suit to be completed? No problem, just give your tailor a call and almost anything can be worked out. Begin now with Senszio, Check our tour schedule here.