The psychology of color behind your lawyer suits

18th May 2018
Katie Kwok

When it comes to being a great lawyer, it’s all about forging the correct arsenal. From research, arguments, retorts and wit, one seldom remembered weapon is dress code. We all know it is important to dress to impress, but the colour of your suit can shape how people view you, and thus how effective you are as a lawyer. Here is a short guide to using colour in your lawyer suits:

Beige/Tan Lawyer Suits
Earth tone lawyer suits help you to look more humble, approachable, trustworthy and honest. It helps with the underdog story, in appealing to people’s empathy and generosity. Great if dealing with people you have to convince to your side, perhaps a jury, or in a class action, or when talking to people with small town values, like the elderly or country folk. Whenever it is the individual that is making the decision, not corporate, beige or tan suits are the way to go.

Lawyer Suit Dress Code Court Trial Jury Beige Tan Nice Honest 550 X 825

Blue/Grey Lawyer Suits
Blue or Grey lawyer suits help you to look, smart, hardworking and energetic. These suits are best used in friendly encounters with corporate clients, or when dealing with bureaucracy and those who are already on your side. The blue or grey suit is your baseline suit, and works best as your dependable everyday work horse.

Lawyer Suit Dress Code Court Trial Jury Navy Double Breasted Smart Suit 550 X 825

Charcoal Lawyer Suits
The charcoal lawyer suit is your war suit. It exudes power, dominance and conviction. It is a statement that the time to prepare is over, and the time of reckoning is at hand. Use it to show intimidation when meeting at negotiations which you anticipate to be hostile, or meetings where you know that you can bully down the opposition.

Lawyer Suit Dress Code Court Trial Jury Black Power Suit 550x781

Each colour of your lawyer suits have their strengths, but to really make them shine they have to be used passingly. Especially when interacting with the same jury or judge over many days. If you always wear your charcoal intimidation suit, it doesn’t become so intimidating. If you always wear your beige nice-guy suit, it can quickly limit it’s impact. When you are going into those confrontations or meetings where you need that last edge to really push you over the top, think about your lawyer suits.

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