Tailoring a business suit to an office lifestyle

18th January 2020
Katie Kwok

If you work in an office, you’ll spend a lot of time sitting in an office chair or in meetings. Performing at your best means feeling comfortable. That means deciding which business suits for men are best equipped for office life.

With that in mind, here’s our business suit style advice for gentlemen obliged to spend their working lives behind desks.

Suit colour

Firstly, let’s consider colour. The Charcoal Grey is a sound investment for your first suit. This is a no-questions-asked business staple. You can wear a grey suit with a blue shirt and dark brown shoes for business. But a charcoal suit will look equally good in the evenings when teamed with a white shirt and black shoes.

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Suit fabric

For an everyday men’s business suit around the office, you’ll need a fabric that doesn’t crease easily and that wears well. Linen and cotton are excellent for the summer, but keep them well dry-cleaned, as they wrinkle at will. A midweight wool suit is always a good choice, while a worsted is heavy but will prove highly durable.

Opt for slim-fit

The last six years or so have seen the rise of the slim-fit, sixties-style men’s suit. This is generally a flattering style. By choosing a suit with baggier trousers and arms, you can instantly appear to put on weight. Just make sure your slim-fit suit is tailored properly, otherwise both appearance and comfort will suffer.

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Watch your shoulders

A key area for tailoring is the shoulders. Make sure they fit well, with seams that don’t extend beyond the shoulders, and minimal padding.


Two-button suits have dominated the tailoring world in recent years. They tend to be quite flattering and generally produce an elegant look.

If you’d like to put your own personal stamp on your suit, though, you could customise the buttons. Ask your tailor what might be available: from buffalo horn to mother-of-pearl, you can make your mark in a unique way.

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The sockless look is very much in fashion, especially in summer. That might sit well if your business is in the creative industries or you work for yourself. However, in the boardroom, with C-suite executives, it might not create the effect you’re looking for. Consider a navy or grey suit teamed with dark brown leather shoes.

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When purchasing shirts, there are a few faux-pas to watch out for. These include ‘pirate sleeves’ – that’s the effect created when a shirt is too baggy, with fabric piling up on the arms. Watch out, too, for excess fabric underneath the armpits or around the waist. If in doubt, always opt for white or a light blue, as it will work with every other colour.


Accessories for men are fashionable right now. However, refrain from over-accessorising. Choose one from tie bars, lapel pins, cufflinks, pocket squares, watches and bracelets.


Book a fitting at a Senszio Trunk Show near your city and receive expert advice from our travelling tailors, which will take into account your lifestyle and preferences to find you your perfect suit.