London, Home of the Tailored Gentleman

15th March 2017
Katie Kwok

Good old England, a cup of tea and God save the Queen. London was the center of commerce and culture when her grip on the colonies was still strong. This thriving economy birthed the modern gentleman, with a commitment to pomp and style, the manner of knights chivalrous and a London tailored suit. It is no surprise that now, in the year of 2017, if you want to be a proper gentleman there is no better place to outfit yourself.

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The Perfect Suit
Start off with a London tailored suit. Senszio’s master craftsmen will have you in good hands as their 3 generations of experience has never left a dissatisfied customer. Select from a range of fabrics in every style and a variety of materials. Custom choose artistic flourishes for your new suit, or let your tailor design a look that personally exemplifies you. Currently in the Hyde Park Suites, book an appointment and check their schedule here.

A Hat for Every Occasion
Once you have your suit, no gentleman should be without a proper hat. Head to Lock&Co Hatters for a proper fitting. In business since 1676, they have been providing upstanding citizens their bowlers to their top hats. Find a style to match your new tailored suit and let their experts size and fit one just for you. Walk into their shop at St. James Place or book an appointment here.

A Sturdy Pair of Shoes
With such fashionable suits and hats, anything but a made-to-fit pair of shoes would be improper. At John Lobb, they take precise care to hand craft you your dream shoes. Using the finest Italian leathers, these custom shoes will be comfortable, durable and luxurious. Set up a fitting at their website here.

Keeping Dry
Unlike their wit, Londoners are rarely dry. Your outfit is only as stylish as your least fashionable item, so why cover your London tailored suit with a cheap convenient store umbrella? James Smith & Sons will outfit you with a personalized umbrella. Measured for your exact height and with a fabric of your choosing. Not only will it serve to better guard you against the rain, it will look fantastic open, or closed. Find them on Oxford street, London.

Now you are a proper, dapper gentleman!