A simple guide to monogramming

10th April 2017
Katie Kwok

Congratulations! You have taken the leap towards being a gentleman and decided to get some tailored shirts and perhaps a tailored suit to match. Now you want the world to know that you are wearing something special with a simple yet tasteful monogram. Gone are the days that Monograms represented the upper class boarding school educated brat, they are now are expressions of individuality, stylish flair and classiness.

Monogram 33665

Where should the monogram go?
The classic point for a monogram would be on the cuffs. For most people, this is a fixed rule of monogramming, owing to the traditions and history of men’s fashion. However, feel free to think outside the box! Your monogram can be where ever you wish. A trending new place for your monogram is right on the belly of your shirt, to the left of the 3rd to last button. Placing it here, might seem a bit bizarre at first, but a little asymmetry can draw the eye and emphasize the beauty around it. You can also easily hide it with a jacket, if you wish to be more formal.

What should my monogram say?
Many people will immediately say that’s obvious, it should be the initials of your name! Once again, there are no rules, it can be whatever you want. Spell out your entire name, or just your first or last name. Maybe you would want to put numbers in, or even symbols like a question mark or a dollar sign. The monogram use to serve the purpose of identifying whose shirt is whose, hence the initials, but not so much anymore. Let your creativity go wild!

What color/font should I use for my monogram?
At Senszio we have a book of monogram fonts for you to choose from. There is everything one could desire, from fancy lettering for a more traditional look, a tight clean lined san serif font for a chic look to bold and strong fonts that project authority and power. Once you have chosen the perfect font that matches you, choosing a color is the next step. Our in house 3rd generation master tailors can help you pick a color that will match best with your particular shirt, or you can choose from an almost exhaustive selection to find the one that you like most.

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