5 reasons to invest in a tailored suit

24th September 2016
Katie Kwok

Like a lot of men, our clients once contemplated the question of whether or not to invest in a quality, tailored suit or continue buying the same, off the rack suits they always have. However, through careful consideration, they came to understand the tremendous benefits of bespoke men’s fashion. We know that with our ‘5 Reasons to Invest’ listed below, you too, will have that ah-ha moment.

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Choices of fabrics
When buying an off-the-rack suit in a store, the garments come with fabrics already selected for you. With your options dramatically reduced, finding the right color, feel and quality of a fabric becomes nearly impossible. Contrastingly however, when investing in a custom suit, your master bespoke tailors will have hundreds of fabric options for you to choose from.

Perfect fit
Adjusting to a custom tailored suit is a hassle that no man should endure. Perhaps the jacket fits right in the arms, but is too constricted in the shoulders. Or the length of the pant leg is ideal, yet the trousers fit too tightly across your thighs. With tailored suits, these are problems of the past. Every bespoke suit you invest in, comes finely tuned to your frame, making it the best fitting, and therefore most comfortable, suit you own.

Longevity of suit
With high quality fabrics and detailed craftsmanship, a tailored, bespoke suit is an investment for years to come. And though the initial cost may be slightly higher than an off the rack garment, a quality suit ensures longevity, reducing the frequency of purchases and ultimately spending less over time.

Get the look you want
Buttons, linings and pockets may seem like last minute details to some, but for our clients, the details are what make a suit. Everything from quality fabrics and fit to the minute, but incomparable characteristics of style, are in your hands when investing in a quality, bespoke suit.

Finally, at the end of the day, we understand that our clients are incredibly busy people, with professions, families and lives that are continuously in motion. With an off-the-rack suit, the countless hours rummaging through the aisles, hurrying from store to store and endless amount of time looking for everything you want in a suit, could still leave you empty handed- or settling for less. However, after spending valuable time with your master bespoke tailor, you are guaranteed to end up with exactly what you want, when you want it, every time.