The perfect sides to your NYC bespoke suit

19th June 2017
Katie Kwok

The tailor can only help you so far, once out of the shop with your NYC bespoke suit, the rest is up to you. Learn how to complete your outfit with sunglasses, ties, watches, wallets and shoes no matter what the occasion.

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40 years ago, you wouldn’t be caught dead without a hat, but now it is reserved for the eccentric or social outcast. Stick to a pair of shades. If you have a round or oval shaped face, go for aviators or wayfarers. If you have a rectangular face, go for a pair with oval shaped lenses and avoid sharp edges. When stepping indoors or into the shade slide them into the front pocket of your shirt or bespoke suit.

To go with your bespoke NYC suit, a sharp tie or bow tie is always a classic choice. If you follow these simple seven rules, matching a tie will become second nature. To add a little extra, put on a chrome or gold tie clip. If all the extra cloth is not your thing, go for a tie bar. Scarfs in winter is also another way to add style to a tailored suit, just make sure its grey!

A watch is one of the first things people notice about a man’s outfit. It is important that it looks good. Price doesn’t mean everything, expensive can be gaudy too. The key is to pick something with a slim profile and a clean face. Gems and other adornments are fine if they don’t overpower the clean look. When wearing a bespoke tailored suit, go for a leather strap, a metal strap is best saved for the Golf course.

Your wallet and phone are very much part of your daily outfit. A leather wallet is the norm, either in black or beige. If looking for something spicier, try a coloured canvas wallet for summer. Avoid a wallet with a coin pouch included, it will cause your wallet to bulge, even when you don’t have any coins inside. Similarly, don’t fill your wallet with too many cards, if you don’t use it every day, leave it out.

The second thing people notice after your watch, is your shoes. Wearing the wrong shoes at any occasion will make you stick out more than wearing a hat indoors. To match with your bespoke NYC suit, smart leather shoes are best. Get one pair in black and one in beige. If in doubt about the style, oxfords are always a safe choice. If feeling particularly fancy, a pair of tailored shoes from these guys will never go wrong.

Now that you know all the basics, the last step is getting that perfect bespoke NYC suit. At Senszio let your creativity go wild as our master craftsmen tailor the perfect suit for both your fit and your sensibilities. Choose from over 300 different fabrics and patterns for a luxurious and fun day designing your new favourite suit. Check our tour schedule here.