Pitto Uomo 93, The best dressed off the runway

30th January 2018
Katie Kwok

One of the most significant annual men’s fashion events took place again in Italy. Pitti Uomo (this year named Pitti Immagine Uomo by incorporating the Pitti Immagine company) saw many great fall/winter styles both classic and edgy. Being connoisseurs of elegant yet classically timeless styles, we’ve compiled some great inspirations captured by the amazing photographers who attended the events. Make sure to click the photo to see more amazing shots from this great internationally acclaimed event!

PITTI Immagine Uomo 93 – day 3

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There definitely was a lot of “peacocking” at this years Pitti Uomo event, as is the case every year. Making dandyism acceptable to a wider audience. However, the styles at Pitti this year were a bit more classic and down-to-earth. We think most people could gather some practical applications from these style icon’s wardrobe choices this year.

And just like that, Pitti Uomo is over. Although the menswear trade fair may not be what it used to, we’re glad to see there are still gentleman out there who inspire us to raise our game. Like @philipconradsson here. Who wouldn’t want to look this dashing? Tip of our hat to you Philip and all of the charming men we featured on our feed this week. Keep doing what you do so incredibly well / PITTI UOMO FW18 _____________________________ ?: Robert Spangle for @britishgq . . . #thesecharmingmen #veryhandsomemen #mensfashion #mensstyle #streetstyle #mensstreetstyle #menswear #fashion #mensfashionpost #menwithstyle #sprezz #sprezzy #sprezzatura #fashionblogger #instagood #outfitoftheday #ootd #instafashion #instastyle #guyswithstyle #malemodel #pittiuomo

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Pleated trousers wrapped in a double breasted overcoat with a matching cardigan and casual white cotton shirt. Modest yet sophisticated style snapped by Robert Spangle of Philip Conradsson, Fashion Editor at King Magazine.

Catching Guillaume Bo mid-stride as he braves the Italian winter in a charcoal grey double breasted wool suit with a green umbrella. Gotta love that shirt collar with bar and wool tie.

PITTI Immagine Uomo 93 – day 3

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Two generations of dapper gents.

A textured 3-piece suit, perfect for outdoor events.

British fashion journalist and author Simon Crompton sporting an extra large herringbone weave with dramatic rolling lapels in his overcoat. Looking great at Pitti Uomo with a nice three button charcoal suit underneath.

PITTI Immagine Uomo 93 – day 1

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Photographer Fabrizzio Di Paolo snapped this classic navy and grey outfit on Justus F. Hansen during the Pitti Uomo event in Florence Italy.

Pitti Uomo 01
Photo thanks to Proj3ct Studio

The guest country for Pitti Uomo this year was Finland. bringing the best Scandinavian designers to display their Nordic style and drawing the attention from these two stylish gents.

Pitti Uomo 08 Enrico Labriola
Photo by Enrico Labriola

A menswear gathering such as this inspires busting out all the stops. Every pocket square, lapel boutonniere, bow tie and wrist watch in your closet must come out.

If you are as inspired as we are by these great looks, don’t hesitate to replicate or modify any of these styles for your own wardrobe. We have the fabric and the craftsmanship to accomplish these styles and many more. Don’t hesitate to reach out so we can collaborate and create a signature outfit just for you.