Skip Waistcoat

Adding a Waistcoat to your Tuxedo Suit is a must, especially if your Tuxedo Jacket is single-breasted as the shirt should be covered. You may alternatively choose to skip the Tuxedo Waistcoat and wear a cummerbund if you plan to wear the Tuxedo in a warmer climate.

The style for the front of your waistcoat can be selected below.

As for the style of the back of your waistcoat, we will make them with a lined back; the lining will match that of the jacket. If you’d like to have a different lining on the back of the waistcoat, please mention this in the remarks in the measurements’ section.


Closure: 5 Button | Single Breasted

Lapels: None

Pockets: Welted Lower Pockets

Satin: Piping on Lower Pockets


Closure: 4 Button | Single Breasted

Lapels: Shawl Lapel

Pockets: Jetted Lower Pockets

Satin: On Lapel and Piping on Lower Pockets