Helsinki, City of design, City of suits

15th March 2017
Katie Kwok

Helsinki has sprung into a new renaissance with a large movement into modern design. Let’s take the inspiration of Helsinki itself to create 3 unique Helsinki tailored suits.

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Charcoal Grey Overcoat Office Coat
The Boulders of the Mountains to the rocks by the coast

Looking to the rocky coastline that flank Helsinki, to the great snowcapped mountains to the north, their ability to resist the crashes of nature, their strength and their serenity. This charcoal overcoat emphasizes strong clean lines, a smooth finish that fits effortlessly over the shoulders. Clean cut edges, angled lapels and a strong shoulder. This Helsinki tailored overcoat projects the stoic gentleman, a principled individual who values honor, clarity and strength.

Blue Check Wool And Silk Casual Jacket
The Deep Crystal blue of the Baltic Sea

What mysteries do the waters contain? Privy to our history from time past. The small check pattern of this Helsinki tailored suit confuses the eye at a distance, mimicking the gentle waves of the open Baltic sea. Peering closely, the pattern rewards its intricate details, the array of colours and ruffled texture. A truly beautiful Helsinki tailored suit for creatives whose mind explores our deepest thoughts.

Delfino Spring Classic.inside E1489464326995
The laughter of a pine forests in spring

When the first rays of spring sunshine hit the forest floor, the flowers bloom and life begins afresh. The trees are bathed in the beauty of these vibrant colours. This Helsinki tailored suit is also awakened with colour, the soft blues and lavender are the flowers in spring. The large hard crisscross pattern are the mighty trees that rise above in straight columns. A perfect look for the coming spring, or for when you are feeling particularly happy.

All the Helsinki bespoke suits shown were expertly designed and hand crafted by the master tailors at Senszio. We specialize in creating the suit that is custom to your body, as well as custom to your personality. Choose from an array of fabrics and linings to suit your taste, add in your own personal flourishes to make it truly unique. This Helsinki tailored suit will show off your best attributes to the world. Book an appointment with Senszio and check their tour schedule for Helsinki here.