A candid walk through New York suit fashion with Google maps

22nd September 2017
Katie Kwok

To really immerse yourself in a city, you must walk its streets. As people pass you by, you get a sense of the culture, the everyday life and the fashion. Using google maps, let’s take a walk through New York and see if we can’t find a NYC Bespoke suit.

Google Maps Nyc Suits 01 847x418

This man spotted outside Bloomberg catching up on his emails, shows the classic office fashion of a New York bespoke suit. Who knows, we could be looking at Harvey Specter himself. A solid dark charcoal black in a form fitting cut, accentuating a lean figure that has come to define our modern style. There may be a bit much in terms of break on the trousers but it’s hard to tell from just one angle of a low quality image.

Google Maps Nyc Suits 02 847x418

Here we see a looser fitting cut of the same suit. Still tailored to fit, but with a little extra room for more comfort during a long day’s work. A sharp tie expertly completes the New York bespoke suit for a very professional look.

Google Maps Nyc Suits 03 847x418

It’s not just black that is in fashion, but a sharp sharkskin grey for a more neutral tone at the office. Pink is a bold choice, one that may be best left to that woman’s hoodie.

Google Maps Nyc Suits 04 847x418

For those not on wall street, strutting a little style doesn’t hurt anybody. What’ s important in looking good when out on the street is in the craftsmanship of the New York bespoke suit. While the color choice is a stylish one, this man’s grey blazer has some serious bunching on the arms which indicate there is simply too much fabric. A good tailor would avoid that when crafting and could easily rectify by removing a bit of fabric from the area surrounding the scye (the armhole).

Google Maps Nyc Suits 05 847x418

A well-tailored New York bespoke suit is obvious even from behind. The perfectly measured length of trouser, width of shoulders and the effortless taper along the waist betray the skilled hands of a master.

Google Maps Nyc Suits 06 847x418

When choosing something off the rack, the awkward miss match of suit lines to body contours plus the garish creases and bulges emphasise poor quality. This is especially clear in the shoulders of this man strolling past Central Park on his way to purchase some hot dogs.

A man’s suit is a great way to stand apart from the crowd and look more professional. How do you stand out from other professionals also wearing suits? You go bespoke. So for next time when big brother captures you candid, make sure you look good with a New York bespoke suit. Senszio has been clothing discerning individuals for over 3 generations. The decades of craftsmanship and service creates lasting style unique to the individual. Book an appointment with our master tailors, or check our tour schedule here.