7 tips on dressing up to true mad men style

26th March 2014
Katie Kwok

Mad Men

To say that the television show, Mad Men, which is broadcast on American cable network AMC, has had an impact on the fashion industry would be an understatement. The American television show that fashion editors love

Seldom have we seen a television program been given its own news and coverage section in New York magazine, its own Look Book on GQ magazine (for Don Draper) for every season, or its clothes so extensively covered in the media, ranging from entertainment and fashion titles to business news. Examples include Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment, Esquire, Vanity Fair, Glamour and even Forbes. Even President Obama referred to the TV show when he was addressing workplace polices in his State of the Union speech in January 2014.

How do the show’s characters like Pete Campbell, Don Draper, Lane Pryce and Roger Sterling, manage to look so dapper and cool to us now, even though the styles belong to the 1960’s?

Here are some timeless tips on how to dress as dapper as the men on Mad Men, from the perspective of a bespoke tailor:

  1. Never stinge on your suit. Well-fitted tailored suits will make you the main character in any show!
  2. Sometimes a bold coloured suit can be cool – just make sure its in an orange or green hue that matches your skin tone.
  3. Try accessorizing your suit with some vintage ties and cufflinks once in a while, to build up your own signature look.
  4. Pocket squares always look dapper, no matter what era you live in. Try a plain white band of linen, folded horizontally, for a change.
  5. Match the colors of your ties to your suit, making sure they are in different hues of the same colour.
  6. Consider having your pajamas tailored too, so that your super cool looks continue from work straight into dreamland.
  7. Choose exquisite cotton oxford textile for great long lasting dress shirts, you never know when the style of this year may become hot in a television show years from now!By the way, Egyptian cotton makes for very sharp starched shirts and collars.