The Lion – Pinstripes and Graph Check

Take the strength and intimidation of the Lion to your next board meeting. The lion look is a navy suit with thin pinstripes paired with a graph checked shirt to create the look of a pride leader.

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The Suit
The pinstripes of the jacket act as arrows drawing the eyes upward towards your head. This helps audiences better focus on you while presenting to small intimate groups. The pinstripes also exude an intimidating aura, giving your words more weight and power. Why else would this be the go to look for 1920’s mobsters?

Style Inspiration Mens Lookbook Navy Pinstripe Suit Graph Check Shirt 517x783

Fratelli Tallia Di Delfino makes many classic pinstripe suit fabrics. You want to choose one with thin stripes, that does not draw the eye from a distance, but close up becomes noticeable. There are many choices to choose from in different shades of blue.

Summer Suit Carnet Fratelli Tallia Di Delfino 3989 130s Virgin Wool
Fratelli Tallia Di Delfino Super 130’s Virgin Wool
Summer Suit Carnet Fratelli Tallia Di Delfino 3990 Dark Navy 130s Virgin Wool
Fratelli Tallia Di Delfino Dark Navy
Summer Suit Carnet Fratelli Tallia Di Delfino 4005 Dark Navy
Fratelli Tallia Di Delfino Dark Navy 130’s Virgin Wool


The checked shirt acts as your lion’s mane, amplifying your voice and your face. This pattern holds its form through creases and folds, giving a seamless look even when viewed from odd angles. The pattern creates the optical illusion that your attention is being focused on all audience members, even if you are not facing directly at them.

Style Inspiration Mens Lookbook Navy Pinstripe Suit Graph Check Shirt Pocket Square 833x557

Thomas Mason’s Silver quality 100% Egyptian cotton with a graph check pattern has various patterns with slightly altered spacing, size and grid thickness. Each provides a slightly different aesthetic for this outfit style.

Style Inspo Thomas Mason Wrinkle Resistant Blue Grid Twill Cotton 70s Lightweight
Thomas Mason Wrinkle Resistant Blue Grid Twill 70s Cotton, Lightweight
Style Inspo Thomas Mason 120s Light Blue Mini Grid Twill Cotton Very Lightweight
Thomas Mason 120s Light Blue Mini Grid Twill Cotton, Very Lightweight
Style Inspo Thomas Mason 100s Light Blue Mini Grid Twill Cotton Lightweight
Thomas Mason 100s Light Blue Mini Grid Twill Superfine Cotton, Lightweight

With the Lion look, your audiences will be captivated and your voice magnified. Subtle pinstripes and a graph checked shirt make you look sharp, professional and stylish. To view these fabrics in person and see countless other combination options, book an appointment with our bespoke master suit makers today!

Pitto Uomo 93, The best dressed off the runway

One of the most significant annual men’s fashion events took place again in Italy. Pitti Uomo (this year named Pitti Immagine Uomo by incorporating the Pitti Immagine company) saw many great fall/winter styles both classic and edgy. Being connoisseurs of elegant yet classically timeless styles, we’ve compiled some great inspirations captured by the amazing photographers who attended the events. Make sure to click the photo to see more amazing shots from this great internationally acclaimed event!

PITTI Immagine Uomo 93 – day 3

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There definitely was a lot of “peacocking” at this years Pitti Uomo event, as is the case every year. Making dandyism acceptable to a wider audience. However, the styles at Pitti this year were a bit more classic and down-to-earth. We think most people could gather some practical applications from these style icon’s wardrobe choices this year.

And just like that, Pitti Uomo is over. Although the menswear trade fair may not be what it used to, we're glad to see there are still gentleman out there who inspire us to raise our game. Like @philipconradsson here. Who wouldn't want to look this dashing? Tip of our hat to you Philip and all of the charming men we featured on our feed this week. Keep doing what you do so incredibly well / PITTI UOMO FW18 _____________________________ 📷: Robert Spangle for @britishgq . . . #thesecharmingmen #veryhandsomemen #mensfashion #mensstyle #streetstyle #mensstreetstyle #menswear #fashion #mensfashionpost #menwithstyle #sprezz #sprezzy #sprezzatura #fashionblogger #instagood #outfitoftheday #ootd #instafashion #instastyle #guyswithstyle #malemodel #pittiuomo

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Pleated trousers wrapped in a double breasted overcoat with a matching cardigan and casual white cotton shirt. Modest yet sophisticated style snapped by Robert Spangle of Philip Conradsson, Fashion Editor at King Magazine.

From Florence @pittimmagine 🇮🇹 👉 Mr. @gui_bo ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ Quando vedi un uomo in abito provi sempre ad immaginare perché ha scelto quella stoffa e quel modello. Spesso il risultato finale ti porta a capire tutto. ▫️ ▫️ ▫️. When you see a man in a suit, you always try to imagine why he chose that fabric and that model. Often the final result leads you to understand everything. ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ #pitti #pittiimmagine #pitti93 #pittiuomo #gentleman #suit #ph #photographer

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Catching Guillaume Bo mid-stride as he braves the Italian winter in a charcoal grey double breasted wool suit with a green umbrella. Gotta love that shirt collar with bar and wool tie.

PITTI Immagine Uomo 93 – day 3

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Two generations of dapper gents.

Three piece tweed suit three-roll-two buttons, large peak lapels with high gorge, patch pockets and soft shoulder #pittiuomo #pu93 #zackroman #sartorialbrand Fot. @mrfaceless_pl 👌

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A textured 3-piece suit, perfect for outdoor events.

Shot last week in Florence, showing off the beautiful rolling lapels of my @connolly herringbone coat, worn over a @sartoriaciardi charcoal suit. Olive tie from @isaia Pic @jkf_man

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British fashion journalist and author Simon Crompton sporting an extra large herringbone weave with dramatic rolling lapels in his overcoat. Looking great at Pitti Uomo with a nice three button charcoal suit underneath.

PITTI Immagine Uomo 93 – day 1

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Photographer Fabrizzio Di Paolo snapped this classic navy and grey outfit on Justus F. Hansen during the Pitti Uomo event in Florence Italy.

Pitti Uomo 01
Photo thanks to Proj3ct Studio

The guest country for Pitti Uomo this year was Finland. bringing the best Scandinavian designers to display their Nordic style and drawing the attention from these two stylish gents.

Pitti Uomo 08 Enrico Labriola
Photo by Enrico Labriola

A menswear gathering such as this inspires busting out all the stops. Every pocket square, lapel boutonniere, bow tie and wrist watch in your closet must come out.

If you are as inspired as we are by these great looks, don’t hesitate to replicate or modify any of these styles for your own wardrobe. We have the fabric and the craftsmanship to accomplish these styles and many more. Don’t hesitate to reach out so we can collaborate and create a signature outfit just for you.

Pitto Uomo: New gentlemen’s style for 2018

Fashion’s hippest convention, The Pitti Imagine Uomo, was the most successful and exhilarating one to date. Held in the dreamy city of Florence, Pitti Uomo attracts outliers and innovators of the fashion world to showcase the new modern look for 2018. This 4 day festival of course includes many fresh ideas and sharp fabrics for Men’s Wear.

Pitti Uomo Event Gentlemans Suits 01

Gentlemen’s Suits
Men’s wear took a sigh of relief in Pitti Uomo 93. Suits had a nomad feel to them, with relaxed silhouettes. A reflection of the bustling world we work in, designer’s have all decided we needed a holiday. Gabriele Pasini introduced a series of Flannel suits, trying to revive the Safari Cloak to stalk your way through busy streets. PT Pantaloni Torino has also opted for the slow road with vintage brushed wool and Japanese textured cotton. Merino wool still dominated the suits at Pitti Uomo, with Gallo going as far as a tailored set of Merino wool socks. In line with the holiday vibe, the colours have gotten muter, tans and greys are back but with more style than ever before.

Pitti Uomo Event Gentlemans Suits 02
Pitti People photo by

The growing trend of Athleisure had made its mark on Pitti Uomo 93. The usual thin and monochrome design was persistent, but some designers took the concept of athlifestyle as the literal future of clothing. Christopher Bevans of dyne has taken technology to clothes with what he calls ‘ultra-contemporary dynamism’ pushing fabric, fit and function to a veritable super suit. Men’s backpacks have sleeked up and have taken on a new aura of classiness and dignity. Examples from Gear3 and Descente Allterrain would make any leather briefcase look stuffy and outdated.

Pitti Uomo Event Athliesure 01
Photo by

Finland -Pitti Uomo 93
Finland was the guest country for Pitti Uomo this year bringing the best Scandinavian designers to display their Nordic style. One of Finland’s most critically acclaimed designers, Julia Männistö, showcased her signature powerful silk screen printing and innovative surface designs. Others in this vibrant renaissance of Nordic fashion include Saint Vacant’s pop coloured men’s shoes and CHPO Brand’s watches. While classic interpretations of the bleak wintery Nordic look like the men’s trench coat from Nomen Nescio, purveyors of Finnish minimalism, still reared it’s stoic head.

Pitti Uomo Event Finland 02
Pitti Uomo Event Finland 01

The January Pitti Uomo is always a precursor to what we will be seeing in the years to come. The next event will be held in June and we will see what styles have stuck. However, the overall sense of relaxation, minimalism and spiritfulness has a clear message, 2018 is a time to relax and unwind.