August 28, 2014

How do I button a suit?

Most bespoke suits come with three buttons or two. The golden rule is that you leave the lowest button unbuttoned on a two-button jacket. With three buttons, you can either button the top two and leave the bottom unfastened, or simply button the center button. On a double-breasted suit, simply fasten every button except the bottom.

Tailors cut bespoke suits to take account of this and you’ll be wearing your suit wrong if you ignore these rules. Leave your jacket buttoned up when you’re standing and unbuttoned when sitting down or dancing.

What image does a 2-button suit convey?

A two-button suit has a ‘regular’, traditional image. It’ll also make you look taller, as the lower buttons create a deep V around the chest area, accentuating your shape.

What about a one-button suit?

One-button suits are a little cooler and more rakish than their two-button counterparts. If three-button suits are Mercedes and two-button suits are BMWs, then one-button suits are Jaguars. They’re perhaps less suitable for more-formal environments.

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