Sports Suits


Relax – a suit needn’t be formal. The sports suit is a more casual style of suit that you can mix and match with an open-necked shirt, loafers, and even no socks.

So what are the characteristics of a sports suit? Well, there’s less structure in the jacket. You’ll notice this mainly in the chest area, the cut and lining, and the shoulders. A fully formal suit will have a full, half-floating canvas, a full lining and shoulder pads. A casual sports suit will come without lining, with an unstructured chest and no padding.

This gives a smart yet casual look and is also preferable in warm weather, as the suit will breathe better. Some sports suits can be crumpled up like a shirt without it harming the look or shape of the suit.

Suits look more casual with lighter colors or bold patterns. Of course, this doesn’t apply to pinstripes, which have very formal connotations in environments such as law and banking.

What about fitting? In general, it’s slimmer and shorter – that means more-slender fits, smaller lapels, shorter jackets, and shorter sleeves.

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