Dinner Suits


Most men need a dinner suit only a few times a year. Styles are timeless, too. So you can easily get plenty of wear out of one. That means it’s worth investing in a quality bespoke dinner suit that will last several years or so.

As in everything in life, it’s details that matter with dinner suits and dinner jackets. For example, the facing material on the lapels should be the same as the braiding on the trousers. Here, Grosgrain silk is a more elegant choice than satin.

What about suit fabric? Well, it has to last. Usually, mohair or wool barathea are sound choices. Mohair is good because it reflects light well. Your dinner jacket should come without vents, as they alter the line of the suit.

Peak lapels work well and look right for an evening occasion; shawl lapels are a risk: get it wrong and it looks very wrong. Notch lapels are a mistake with a black tie.  Contact us now to  find out more about our Bespoke dinner suits.


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