April 3, 2018

The Stallion – Hopsack Jacket and Navy Trousers

The Stallion always looks his best, either when strutting around the field, or charging into battle. Next smart casual event, consider a Hopsack Jacket with Navy Super 150 trousers completed with a white cotton shirt for the Stallion Look.

mens casual brown jacket navy trouser white shirt stallion senszio

The Jacket (Hopsack)

This Brown Hopsack Senszio jacket is crafted from Vitale Barberis Canonico, made in Italy, and is a fine example of the simple yet beautiful Hopsack loose weave. Made from wool, the coarseness of the pattern creates a slight fuzz, muting shadows and lights that may otherwise cause you to look unkempt. Perfect for outdoor meetings or events where you may be slightly active, but still need to look your best.

Similar variations of this look can be achieved through the use of these select fabrics.

style advice fabric Brown Hopsack Vitale Barberis Canonico wool 280gr 21micron square

Vitale Barberis Canonico Brown Hopsack All Wool 280 gsm 21 micron

style advice suit fabric fratelli tallia di delfino 280gr super 130s virgin wool

Fratelli Tallia Di Delfino 280 gsm super 130s virgin wool

style advice suit fabric Brown Houndstooth VBC wool 290gr twill saxony

Vitale Barberis Canonico Brown Houndstooth wool 290 gsm twill saxony

The Trousers

The Super 150’s fabric from Reda is made from 100% virgin wool and really adds to the luster of these Navy trousers. Such a fine fabric, contrasts with the Hopsack Jacket allowing you to still maintain a kempt and stylish appearance when the jacket comes off in hot weather. All of Reda’s fabrics are sublime, but for those peculiar with their thread counts, can go for their Super 150s or Super 160s.

style advice trousers blue check reda wool super 110s 260gsm

Reda blue check wool Super 110s 260 gsm

style advice trousers super 160s pure wool suit carnet fratelli tallia di delfino 250 gsm

Fratelli Tallia Di Delfino Super 160s wool 250 gsm

style advice trousers fabric blue check reda wool super 150s 255gsm

Reda blue check wool Super 150s 255 gsm

The Shirt

A white cotton shirt is never as simple as it seems. This bespoke example is from Thomas Mason’s classic 100% cotton Twill. Recently releasing their new 2018 Spring/Summer Collection, Thomas Mason has lifted from their aura of traditional styles to the bold and exotic. If you are looking for more depth to your white shirt, you can always go for one of their more adventures patterns, like the Oxford or Poplin.

senszio bespoke jacket navy trouser white shirt me style lookbook

style advice shirt fabric thomas mason white cotton twill 100s 2ply medium weight

Thomas Mason white 100% cotton twill 100s 2ply bespoke shirting fabric

style advice shirt fabric thomas mason white cotton royal oxford 100s 2ply lightweight

Thomas Mason white 100% cotton royal oxford 100s 2ply bespoke shirting fabric

style advice shirt fabric thomas mason white cotton linen oxford 80s 2ply

Thomas Mason white cotton linen oxford 80s 2ply bespoke shirting fabric

For your next smart casual event, think the Stallion Look. Your tailor will be more than happy to show you fabric choices at your next appointment. John Lennon sunglasses not included!

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