November 10, 2015

Senszio Releases Top Ten 2015 Business Suit Styles for Men

Senszio, an international traveling bespoke tailoring company, has released a list of the top 10 men’s business suits for 2015. The criteria was based on a review of custom orders and feedback from hundreds of top business executives in the US and Europe over the second half of 2014.

The list features the most popular and classic men’s office wear staples in any business executive’s wardrobe, with some contemporary twists.

The 2015 men’s suits list includes:
The classic pin-striped business suit
The throw-back double-breasted suit
The contemporary plaid business suit
The Silicon Valley business casual
The next generation leader suit
The classic English gentleman suit
The 3-button suit
The personal flair suit
The quick-switch debonair suit
The Casual Friday suit

Senszio says that business executives tend to be conservative in their choice of business wear, because it’s part of their professional image. So even though there may be electric blue and white suits seen on this year’s fashion runways, men will not follow such cutting edge trends. Instead, it is the tailoring details that make the difference.

“The fashion sense of business executives for the office is much more practical, as can be seen from our shortlist of business suits for 2015. While we cover classic business styles in this list, what’s great about bespoke tailoring is that the details in each suit can still be made distinctive to each gentleman’s personality, interests and preferences. For example, one of our customers always has football insignia discretely hand sewn into his suits, whether it’s in the suit lining or jacket label. Another customer requests for the last button on each sleeve to be a red colored button, in sharp contrast to all the other buttons on his shirts and suits,” said Mark V Motwani, founder of Senszio.

Senszio points out that business executives tend to select blue and grey colored fabrics for their jackets and trousers, but advises that if men can afford it, to consider a beige suit for 2015 because the character of the colour exudes warmth and authenticity.

The list of 2015 business suit styles can be downloaded from Slideshare.

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