4 May, 2018

What is a Milanese Buttonhole and Why Do I Need One?

Back when jackets still closed at the top, the boutonniere was a functioning buttonhole. It’s purpose was to allow closing your jacket all the way up. Today it is instead for the adorning of flowers, lapel pins and the occasional monocle clips. The word boutonniere is in fact the French word for buttonhole, and a certain […]

22 June, 2017

The Ultimate Exclusivity of Bespoke Tailoring

Our lives have slowly been decided upon by big corporations of this world. In the past all clothing was bespoke tailoring, when you bought a pair of pants they would ask what length it should be cut to. If you bought a Shirt they would ask what sleeve length you needed. Our clothes were measured […]

19 June, 2017

The perfect sides to your NYC bespoke suit

The tailor can only help you so far, once out of the shop with your NYC bespoke suit, the rest is up to you. Learn how to complete your outfit with sunglasses, ties, watches, wallets and shoes no matter what the occasion. Headgear 40 years ago, you wouldn’t be caught dead without a hat, but […]

1 June, 2017

Your guide to looking good in a Chicago bespoke suit

The windy city, home to beautiful architecture, a culturally rich soul and a desire to live life with passion and boldness. Chicago looks good, and so will you in a Chicago bespoke suit. A tailored suit will last much longer, fit you better and be something that you can feel confident wearing. If you have […]

17 May, 2017

7 Easy steps to up your tie game

As the gradual casualfication of the workplace has meant that many people no longer wear ties, the art of the tie is losing its grip on our style identity. Whilst the bow tie has gained a renaissance, it is a shame that many of us have forgotten the simple appeal of a tie. But don’t […]

10 April, 2017

Simple Guide to Monogramming

Congratulations! You have taken the leap towards being a gentleman and decided to get some tailored shirts and perhaps a tailored suit to match. Now you want the world to know that you are wearing something special with a simple yet tasteful monogram. Gone are the days that Monograms represented the upper class boarding school […]

1 September, 2016

Top 10 Rules of Buying Bespoke Menswear

Whether you are a professional looking to add to your exquisite collection of finely tailored, custom suits or are new to buying Bespoke menswear, choosing your first quality investment is a worthwhile process.  With so many options to choose from, knowing that buying a superior piece of clothing is a step in the right direction.  […]

1 August, 2016

Should I buy Bespoke or Off-the-Rack Suits?

So you’re ready to buy your next suit. One of the first decisions you’ll make is: will it be ready-to-wear (made-to-measure) or will you buy bespoke? Both have their advantages. Let’s take a look. Ready-to-wear suits are pre-made in standard sizes and sold in stores. A bespoke suit, on the other hand, is made specifically […]

12 November, 2015

Sheep to Suit – How Your Bespoke Suit is Made (Part 2)

At Senszio, we have more than 3000 fabrics from which customers can choose for their bespoke suits. We covered the raw material process procurement from the sheep throughout the industry in our previous post. From Sheep to Suit – How Your Bespoke Suit is Made (Part 1) Now, here’s the stringent process we go through […]

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