10 April 2017 / Harold Mollison

Simple Guide to Monogramming

Simple Guide to Monogramming

Congratulations! You have taken the leap towards being a gentleman and decided to get some tailored shirts and perhaps a tailored suit to match. Now you want the world to know that you are wearing something special with a simple yet tasteful monogram. Gone are the days that Monograms represented the upper class boarding school […]

15 March 2017 / Harold Mollison

This Stockholm Tailored Suit is...

This Stockholm Tailored Suit is 100% Eco-Friendly

In celebration of Sweden’s commitment to 100% reliance on renewable energy by 2040, we will show you how a Stockholm tailored suit made by Senszio is already as ecofriendly. Everything is made to order At Senszio everything is made to order. No cloth is touched until it goes into making your tailored suit. This way […]

25 November 2016 / Yana Sogolov

The War On Tuxedos

The War On Tuxedos

Minds work differently once an invitation to a formal social event is received. For women, a myriad of choices falls before them. Is my red dress ok? Will it clash with the event? Maybe I should go for the blue one, but damn I don’t have the shoes to match it. The pressures on a […]

18 September 2016 / senszio_admin

Fall & Winter Styles 2016

Fall & Winter Styles 2016

Overcoat: Peak Lapels with Patch Pockets; fabric by Fratelli Tallia Di Delfino, 100% Cashmere; Real-Horn buttons; undercollar felts by Cervotessile. Suit: Single-breasted, 2-button with Notch Lapels; fabric by Fratelli Tallia Di Delfino, 100% Wool; Real-Horn buttons; Shirt: Italian Full-Spread Collar; Mother-of-Pearl buttons; Rounded French Cuffs; fabric by Thomas Mason, 100% Cotton. Tie: 100% Silk; Senszio. Suit: Double-breasted, 6-button […]

21 November 2014 / senszio_admin

Traveling tailors – the new...

Traveling tailors – the new high-end trend

If you work in law, finance or banking in New York, London, Paris or another major city, you’re probably a bit pushed for time. So, getting out to the tailor’s to get fitted out for that new bespoke suit might not be so easy. So wouldn’t it be great if your bespoke tailor came to […]

14 April 2014 / senszio_admin

Top trends in business suits...

Top trends in business suits for spring 2014

So what are the top trends in men’s business suits for spring 2014? It’s key to look at Men’s Fashion Week, held in London, Milan and Paris last summer, for a showcase of the following year’s spring/summer collections. And the trend this year is very much ‘relaxed luxury’. What does that mean? It means trousers […]

2 April 2014 / senszio_admin

The impact of technology and...

The impact of technology and gadgets on tailoring

Care for a jacket that recognizes what you eat, how healthy you are or how you are feeling? Or perhaps a suit that allows you to buy or sell stocks at the touch of a shirt button? This may become reality sooner than we think. With the help of UK-based technology firm Hirsch&Mann, Cadbury showed […]