15 March 2017 / Harold Mollison

The Custom Oslo Tailored Suits...

The Custom Oslo Tailored Suits We Enjoyed Making The Most

One of the more marvelous benefits of an Oslo tailored suit is the personal customization. Let your imagination run wild and make the suit not only tailored to your body, but tailored to your personality and habits. Here are the stories of notable additions that our customers at Senszio have requested. Lars, 28, Entrepreneur When […]

15 March 2017 / Harold Mollison

Washington DC power suit

Washington DC power suit

From all walks of life, there is no hiding the power that surges through Washington DC. Imposing buildings, influential men and women, aspiring ideals can all make a person feel small. But that doesn’t mean you should look small. Tailoring your suit with subtle changes can give off a powerful aura that may help you […]

15 March 2017 / Harold Mollison

London, home of the tailored...

London, home of the tailored gentleman.

Good old England, a cup of tea and God save the Queen. London was the center of commerce and culture when her grip on the colonies was still strong. This thriving economy birthed the modern gentleman, with a commitment to pomp and style, the manner of knights chivalrous and a London tailored suit. It is […]

15 December 2016 / Yana Sogolov

How the New York Tailored...

How the New York Tailored Suit shaped the city

New York, the Big Apple, now the financial center of the world with Wall Street and big banks, owes its up start to the garment factories of the 19th and early 20th centuries. The New York Tailored Suits of the 1860s were predominantly wool, warm fabric that kept away the chill from one famous wool […]

25 November 2016 / Yana Sogolov

The War On Tuxedos

The War On Tuxedos

Minds work differently once an invitation to a formal social event is received. For women, a myriad of choices falls before them. Is my red dress ok? Will it clash with the event? Maybe I should go for the blue one, but damn I don’t have the shoes to match it. The pressures on a […]

7 January 2015 / senszio_admin

How to choose and wear...

How to choose and wear a pocket square

Don Draper of Mad Men has a lot to answer for. One of the things he’s currently answering for is the trend among well-dressed gentlemen for pocket squares. Don’t get us wrong. Here at Senszio, we love pocket squares. But it’s important to wear them right. What’s a pocket square? It’s a handkerchief that you […]

10 September 2014 / senszio_admin

Bespoke suits: British vs Italian

Bespoke suits: British vs Italian

In the blue corner, we have Italian bespoke suits. In the red, white and blue corner, British bespoke suits. Both countries are universally acknowledged as the world leaders in bespoke suiting for gentlemen, but which is best, and why? Well, Savile Row is generally accepted as the source of major trends. But it’s Italy that […]

24 July 2014 / senszio_admin

The comeback of the double-breasted...

The comeback of the double-breasted suit

Remember the 80s? The decade of great pop music, bricklike cellphones and ‘Brat Pack’ movies? It was also the decade when capitalism came to the fore, when it was cool to be a trader in New York, London or Frankfurt and, if you did, you wore the obligatory double-breasted suit. Back in the day, those […]

9 July 2014 / senszio_admin

Be creative with your shirt-and-tie...

Be creative with your shirt-and-tie combinations

Walk into any office or down any city street and it’s clear to see that many men often struggle with shirt-and-tie combinations. The main problems are colors that clash and the old chestnut of having a tie that’s lighter than your shirt. This is a big no-no, especially with men who elect for a black […]

18 June 2014 / senszio_admin

Michelin-star restaurants for your next...

Michelin-star restaurants for your next business trip to NYC

In the world of Michelin dining, a restaurant with three stars is described as having ‘exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey’. The next time you find yourself on business in New York, here are some three-star establishments at which you might like to grab a table. Michelin dining New York In New York, Brooklyn’s only […]