11 February 2015

How to wear the basic elements of office attire

Great office attire – a well-cut gentleman’s suit, white shirt, tie and well-polished shoes – is more than a way t...

28 January 2015

What is the best type of wool for a gentleman’s off...

Gentlemen’s bespoke suits are a staple of office life. They give confidence and project an aura of self-assurance that...

3 December 2014

What to wear to a black-tie event

At this time of year, social lives tend to take off. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas and the New Year, for many ...

23 October 2014

How to choose the lapel style for your business suit

An executive with an exceptional business suit doesn’t just walk into a meeting room, he strides. You can’t help but...

31 May 2014

How New York bankers can dress for Casual Friday

A recent survey showed that around 40% of major corporations in the US have adopted a Casual Friday dress code. It’s a...

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