17 May 2017 / Harold Mollison

7 Easy steps to up...

7 Easy steps to up your tie game

As the gradual casualfication of the workplace has meant that many people no longer wear ties, the art of the tie is losing its grip on our style identity. Whilst the bow tie has gained a renaissance, it is a shame that many of us have forgotten the simple appeal of a tie. But don’t […]

15 March 2017 / Harold Mollison

Helsinki, City of Design, City...

Helsinki, City of Design, City of Suits

Helsinki has sprung into a new renaissance with a large movement into modern design. Let’s take the inspiration of Helsinki itself to create 3 unique Helsinki tailored suits. The Boulders of the Mountains to the rocks by the coast Looking to the rocky coastline that flank Helsinki, to the great snowcapped mountains to the north, […]

15 March 2017 / Harold Mollison

The Custom Oslo Tailored Suits...

The Custom Oslo Tailored Suits We Enjoyed Making The Most

One of the more marvelous benefits of an Oslo tailored suit is the personal customization. Let your imagination run wild and make the suit not only tailored to your body, but tailored to your personality and habits. Here are the stories of notable additions that our customers at Senszio have requested. Lars, 28, Entrepreneur When […]

15 March 2017 / Harold Mollison

Washington DC power suit

Washington DC power suit

From all walks of life, there is no hiding the power that surges through Washington DC. Imposing buildings, influential men and women, aspiring ideals can all make a person feel small. But that doesn’t mean you should look small. Tailoring your suit with subtle changes can give off a powerful aura that may help you […]

11 February 2015 / senszio_admin

How to wear the basic...

How to wear the basic elements of office attire

Great office attire – a well-cut gentleman’s suit, white shirt, tie and well-polished shoes – is more than a way to look good at work. It’s a passport to weddings, awards evenings, dinner parties and all kinds of other social functions. But let’s just remind ourselves how to wear these basic elements around the office, […]

28 January 2015 / senszio_admin

What is the best type...

What is the best type of wool for a gentleman’s office suit?

Gentlemen’s bespoke suits are a staple of office life. They give confidence and project an aura of self-assurance that’s like a suit of armor. But what’s the best fabric for your office suit? In general, suits and jackets are made from one of three fiber types: wool, cotton, or a synthetic. Cotton and synthetic suits […]

3 December 2014 / senszio_admin

What to wear to a...

What to wear to a black-tie event

At this time of year, social lives tend to take off. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas and the New Year, for many businesses there’s a holiday to celebrate at the end of a long, tough year. Be prepared for invitations to come through your letterbox. If you see the words ‘black tie’ on there, […]

23 October 2014 / senszio_admin

How to choose the lapel...

How to choose the lapel style for your business suit

An executive with an exceptional business suit doesn’t just walk into a meeting room, he strides. You can’t help but notice that there’s something about the way the suit sits perfectly on his physical frame and all the proportions fit seamlessly. That’s the sign of a great bespoke tailored suit. One important bespoke detail that […]

31 May 2014 / senszio_admin

How New York bankers can...

How New York bankers can dress for Casual Friday

A recent survey showed that around 40% of major corporations in the US have adopted a Casual Friday dress code. It’s a popular policy that gives workers the chance to wear more relaxed attire every Friday. It costs little to implement, and it’s generally seen as having a positive effect on morale. New York banking […]