In the wine bar, at a presentation, in the banking quarter, there’s always someone a little sharper than the rest. Better groomed. Someone who stands out in the crowd of anonymous dressers. Chances are, he’s wearing a bespoke suit. And you didn’t so much spot the man as his apparel.

Next time someone catches your eye like this, ask yourself what made you look twice. On a bespoke suit, everything just looks right. Buttons line up with the buttonholes, stitching is aligned, and thread remains secure and matches the color of the fabric. The jacket is neatly nipped at the waist; the suit plays to the man’s physical strengths and diminishes his weaknesses.

If you’re in the market for a bespoke suit, you should make sure your tailor is the real deal. You should be aware of a low price suit – a sure indicator that the fabrics are not what they claim to be. A true designer fabric weighs in at around $450 – add in retailer fees and tailor fees and you’ll get a more accurate figure. Bespoke suits don’t come cheap although at Senszio, we’re more competitive than most.

Is a suit well made? Check for felt behind the lapel with hand-peaked stitching. Look for finishing detail, with patterned linings and well-stitched pockets with thread that matches the fabric.

In short, when it comes to detail, Senszio won’t be found wanting.

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