How To Measure A Suit

How To Measure A Suit

If you’re in the market for a bespoke suit, you can expect at least 30 measurements to be taken. At Senszio, we take many more.

Neck – you’ll be measured where your collar sits.
Chest – around the middle of your chest, under the armpits and over your shoulder blades.
Waist – of jacket. At base of rib cage.
Shoulders – right across; should equate to width of jacket shoulders.
Length – of jacket. From the seam above the collar to where the jacket will end.
Sleeves – should go to base of thumb from shoulder seams.
Trouser waist – around your waist, where you like the top of your trousers to be.
Seat – around your hips and buttocks at the widest point.
Inside leg – from the lowest part of the trouser crotch to where the hem sits on the shoe.
Outside leg – from the top of the waistband to where the hem sits on the shoe
Crotch – starting at the front: from the top of the waistband to the top of the waistband at the rear
Thigh – around the thigh of your trousers where it’s widest
Knee – around your knee where it’s widest
Ankles – hems should work with the shoes and cover around half of their surface.

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