In between a bespoke service and off-the-rack suits lies a grey area.

Some who’ve been fitted for a made-to-measure item will claim to have enjoyed bespoke tailoring. But there’s a clear distinction between the two. Since the late 1900s, customers have been measured for suits, jackets and shirts, but the garments are made to the closest size for off-the-rack suits using a standard-sized pattern to fit the customer. Usually, this would be in a factory. Bespoke suiting, on the other hand, implies a hand-crafted item – one that doesn’t use a pre-existing pattern. With advances in technology, the distinction is more subtle. Fittings are more often needed for both bespoke and custom tailoring.

With bespoke tailoring, a unique pattern is created that is kept on record to speed up the process the next time a customer needs a suit. But made-to-measure sizes are also now stored on a computer. Handwork, once considered a characteristic of bespoke, can now be found in customized tailoring, too. However, a quality bespoke tailor will always set his service apart. And, at Senszio, we offer rigorous Quality Control and premium detailing. We source even the paddings, threads and selection of lining fabrics from premium manufacturers. Detailing like this keeps your suit or jacket as sharp for many years as the day you first wore it.

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