Senszio is the perfect marriage of tradition and forward fashion – the fine art of tailoring delivered with a contemporary twist. At Senszio, the quality of your bespoke suit is ensured by a team of four highly experienced specialists. A rigorous three-stage quality-control process includes Senszio founder, Mark V. Motwani, inspecting each suit before it is sent out.

Decades of experience

Our Hong Kong craftsmen pour more than 40 years of personal bespoke tailoring experience into your suits and shirts. We even come to you. Your appointment occurs in a hotel suite located in one of many different cities across the US and Europe, including New York, London and Stockholm. We show you a collection of fine suiting and shirting fabrics from leading European mills, take meticulous measurements and photographs to fully understand your size and posture and discuss styling details with you.

Superior customer service

Guaranteed fit. We don't stop until it fits. If you want your suit altered, there is no problem. Alterations are free of charge for three months from the date of delivery. Send your bespoke suit back to us and let us take care of the mailing charges.

Unique style and sophistication

Style and sophistication are at the heart of every Senszio bespoke suit. This is menswear that is individually cut and tailored by hand from the finest European fabrics. No two Senszio suits are the same. They are completely original, hand-cut by a master cutter and meticulously crafted by our tailors. Senszio suits easily rival Manhattan or Savile Row tailoring for style and quality.

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Great value

With Senszio tailored bespoke suits, you can be assured of good value for superior quality and service. Additionally, Senszio acquires the highest quality fabrics at very favorable prices, passing those savings on to our customers. You can get an idea of our pricing here.

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All in all, it’s an unbeatable service.

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