Tailoring Detail and Choice


For all our advances in communications, we live in a depersonalized world. Production caters for the masses and products are homogenized. Few businesses forge deep connections with their customers. But at Senszio, men’s tailoring remains a highly personal experience. We keep alive the romantic notion that men’s tailored clothing can remain an art, not a science.

We also believe that your Senszio bespoke suit must remain an affordable luxury. Because we believe that every man deserves the timeless tradition of bespoke tailoring.

Ours is a unique suiting process – one with no limit on options, regardless of complexity.

Why we’re different in men’s tailoring

  • Rigorous and rare Quality Control – overseen by a dedicated team of four experts.
  • Premium detailing – integral elements of each suit such as threads, interlinings, paddings, canvases, and buttons are all from premium manufacturers. This means your suit will look as good five years on and after many dry-cleaning sessions as the day you first admired it in the mirror.
  • Book an appointment at your place of work and experience the Senszio difference.

Choose your options

  • Suit jacket (also applies to custom tuxedo jacket/topcoat/custom overcoat/double-breasted coats/blazer)
  • Undercollar fabric (Melton)
  • Shoulder padding (by weight)
  • Lapel style (notch/peak)
  • Lapel width
  • Lapel cut
  • Lapel buttonhole color
  • Jacket buttons (3B/2B/1B)
  • Jacket cuff buttons (kissing/standard)
  • Jacket cuff buttons (number of)
  • Jacket cuff buttonhole color
  • Jacket pocket options (cash pocket/breast pocket/patch pocket)
  • Jacket inner pockets (fully customized as per customer requirement)
  • Jacket pocket options (horizontal/slanting)
  • Jacket style (single-breasted/double-breasted)
  • Jacket vents (none/side/centre)
  • Jacket length
  • Jacket cut and selection of lining fabrics (American/European/Italian)
  • Jacket stitching (with or w/o handstitched-edges)
  • Jacket craftsmanship (fused/fully handstitched canvas, half-canvas/full canvas)
  • Jacket button options (natural horn buttons/mother-of-pearl buttons)
  • Monogram text and style and positions
  • Monogram thread color (35 options)
  • Suit trousers (also applies to custom tuxedo trousers/chinos)
  • Waistband belt loops
  • (Adjustable) waistband belt buckle
  • Trouser pleats
  • Trouser pockets (fully customized as per your requirement)
  • Trouser buttons
  • Trouser inner-waist fabric
  • Trouser inner-lining (half/full)
  • Trouser cuffs.

Shirts (also applies to tuxedo shirt)


  • Shirt collar contrast fabric
  • Shirt collar style (~ 50 styles)
  • Shirt collar buttons (natural mother-of-pearl buttons)
  • Shirt yoke (optional, e.g. split-yoke)
  • Shirt body fabric
  • Shirt body cut (slim, classic, loose)
  • Shirt front style (plain or placket)
  • Shirt body buttons
  • Shirt sleeve style
  • Shirt cuff contrast fabric
  • Shirt cuff style
  • Shirt cuff buttons
  • Shirt pocket styles (10 options)
  • Contrast fabric (inner-collars, inner-cuffs, back-of-placket)
  • Monogram text and style and positions
  • Monogram thread color (35 options).

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