A tailor should be measured by much more than the cut of his suits. You need to know that you’re working with people whose integrity is beyond reproach and we hold this true to our existing and potential clients.

Much has changed since 1989 when Mark V Motwani founded Senszio as a Bespoke clothing firm in Hong Kong under the company name Super Fashions. However our core values remain steadfast and strong; we believe in honesty, delivery to the highest standards, constant improvement, dedication to our work, and loyalty.

About our founder Mark V Motwani

Mark V Motwani was born in Bombay coming from a family where his father was a small trader. From an early age, he taught Mark the importance of a hard day’s work underpinned by impeccable honesty and hard work. The family was poor, but Mark wanted to better himself without compromising his principles and core values.

After college in Bombay, he began work for a tailor in Hong Kong. After five years perfecting his skills, Mark was curious to explore his own ideas around workmanship and service.

He started his own company to explore his ideas, initially in Belgium until 2005, and later in Hong Kong, where he ploughed his ideas about production and creative work into Senszio’s growing output.

Mark’s legacy

Mark’s legacy is our people. Over the past 25 over years, they have built the company and they continue to inspire us with their skills and positive thinking.

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