• Peter Olsen

    Signature Bank, United States

    “I was initially reluctant to sign up, I have been a department store suit buyer (Nordstrom, Brooks Bros, Marshall Field back in the day) for 25 years. I took the plunge and could not be happier. Best fit I have ever had and Mark and Prashant are much pickier than I am. One huge feature for me is being able to email them, pick a fabric and have the tailored suits arrive a couple weeks later. Super convenient, super quality.”

  • Lars B.

    Google, Norway

    “Senszio has been my supplier of shirts, suits, tuxedo for more than 10 years. I have never looked back. The fabrics, the styles and the ability to listen when I have a new idea is the foundation of a great relationship. Sam Pariani is my man and he is a proud Senszio representative.”

  • Liam K.

    Bain Capital, USA

    “I first met Mark Motwani 10 months ago with the intention of buying just one suit for my outdated wardrobe. What I quickly experienced, through Mark, is the high-quality craftsmanship, and incredible service that Senszio consistently offers. He is extremely professional and has a unique attention to detail. Since that first meeting, I have purchased 3 suits and 2 jackets. I definitely plan on purchasing more. I highly recommend adding the Senszio brand to your wardrobe.”

  • Richard R.

    Intertrust Group, USA

    “I can’t say enough good things about Senszio and Mark. I just received my first batch of 3 suits, and they fit perfectly. The tailoring details are top notch, and they are just much better put together than suits I have had made for me in NY. The detailing is even superior to the Zegna custom suits I have. The most remarkable thing is that the high quality comes at an outstanding price. The value just can’t be beat.”

  • Bryan L.

    Law Office of Bryan P. Lynch, USA

    “Senzio’s service and quality are outstanding. The appointment to take measurements, determine style preferences, and select fabric was coordinated and without hassle. The suits I ordered fit very well and look great. I received numerous comments the first day I wore one of the suits. I will order suits from Senszio again!”

  • Tony O., Williams

    Montgomery & John Ltd, USA

    “Senszio offers high-quality craftsmanship and fabulous service. Founding partner Mark Motwani’s attention to detail coupled with his experience understanding client expectations truly sets Senszio apart from its rivals. I highly recommend expanding your wardrobe to include the Senszio brand.”

  • Richard R.

    Intertrust Group, USA

    "Mark guided me in the styling so that I now look up-to-date without looking like a kid or failed fashion model. Mark has a great eye for differences between European and American suit trends, his measuring skills and fit knowledge are superior. Having tried a string of tailors over the past 15 years, I have always been disappointed by something–quality, value, attention to detail, ability to get it right the first time, hard to deal with–you name it. With Senszio and Mark, I now have everything I want–and he’s a nice guy too!"

  • Matthew C.

    Green Oak, USA

    “I’ve placed 3 orders through Senszio in the past 10 months and each time I have been thrilled. Mark really takes the time to understand the fit you are most comfortable with. He also has impeccable taste and a keen eye for what combinations will look best. Despite being based overseas, he is super accessible via email and has local partnerships should you need any minor adjustments once he heads back.”

  • Rune A.

    Visbi, Norway

    “I’m really, really happy with the suit – it fitted very nicely and I loved the quality of the fabrics. It was a pleasure to wear during the wedding this weekend. Thanks again for making that all possible!”

  • Björn P.

    Favner Nordic AB, Sweden

    “All my shirts and suits (as well as my tuxedo!) that I wear, both for work and outside work, are made by Senszio. To meet with their professional and service-minded team and select fabrics, styles, cuts etc is always a pleasure. When the package arrives, it’s just sheer joy to unpack it and wear some items the very same day.”

  • Paal O.

    Bain & Company, Inc., Norway

    “I received my new shirts yesterday. Just wanted to let you know that I am very satisfied with how they turned out, regarding style, cut and fabric. Additionally, I am impressed by the fast delivery. Thanks!”

  • Marius T.

    IBM, Norway

    “Dealing with Senszio has been a pleasure since the start. As a active customer for eight years I have seen consistent service and product quality. My contact at Senszio continues to impress me with his professionalism and ability to continuously improve and evolve with the market trends. I have recommended his services to my colleagues and friends who share my impression, and I will continue on to do so in future.”

  • Peter S.

    Carnegie Investment Bank AB, Sweden

    “I just received the shipment of the two shirts that I ordered from you a while ago, in connection with your visit in Stockholm. Since it was my first order with you, I would just like to express how pleased I am about the quality in both fabric and the manufacturing of the shirts. Looking forward to get a heads-up the next time you visit Stockholm.”

  • Ulf J.

    Abelia, Norway

    “I received the shirts last week. They look great, and even my girlfriend was happy! I’ll make sure to recommend your shirts to my (future) father-in-law. Thank you once again.”

  • Vice President

    Helaba, Germany

    “I have been now a customer of Senszio for seven years. I appreciate very much the high class service and extraordinary quality Senszio delivers. The way of ordering is very convenient and I could not imagine buying these products in an ordinary department store again. I am very happy to wear the suits and shirts for business as I often get very positive feedback for my business dress.”

  • Christopher E.

    ABG Sundal Collier, Norway

    “I’ve been meaning to come back to you for a couple of weeks now, but I just been super busy, so it slipped my mind. Thanks for an amazing suit (and shirts)! You can take note of one more happy customer. I’m absolutely sincere when I say that I recommend you guys to all my friends that appreciate quality.”

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