Blog, Tailoring trends / 28 June, 2017

The History of bespoke Tailoring

Bespoke tailoring slowly developed over the course of history along with mankind. The need for protection from the elements has honed the skills of clothiers, sewers and dyers over the years into a culmination of skills specializing in clothing man. As the need for protection was slowly outweighed by the need of style, comfort and […]

Blog, Men’s personal styles, Tailoring trends / 26 June, 2017

What it’s like to suit...

Frank Underwood has proved to be the most manipulative and powerful fictional US president to menace the small screen. While his presence is largely in part from Kevin Spacey’s superb acting, you can’t deny the authority that exudes from his bespoke clothing. While we have gone into what makes a DC Power Suit work, let’s […]

Blog, Business executive styles, Men’s personal styles, Tailoring FAQ / 22 June, 2017

The Ultimate Exclusivity of Bespoke...

Our lives have slowly been decided upon by big corporations of this world. In the past all clothing was bespoke tailoring, when you bought a pair of pants they would ask what length it should be cut to. If you bought a Shirt they would ask what sleeve length you needed. Our clothes were measured […]

Blog, Men’s personal styles, Tailoring FAQ / 19 June, 2017

The perfect sides to your...

The tailor can only help you so far, once out of the shop with your NYC bespoke suit, the rest is up to you. Learn how to complete your outfit with sunglasses, ties, watches, wallets and shoes no matter what the occasion. Headgear 40 years ago, you wouldn’t be caught dead without a hat, but […]

Blog, Men’s personal styles, Tailoring FAQ / 1 June, 2017

Your guide to looking good...

The windy city, home to beautiful architecture, a culturally rich soul and a desire to live life with passion and boldness. Chicago looks good, and so will you in a Chicago bespoke suit. A tailored suit will last much longer, fit you better and be something that you can feel confident wearing. If you have […]