April 9, 2015

What is Linen?

Linen, coming from the plant Linum Usatissimum, is produced through the retting process of the stalks. It is the only textile fibre that grows in Europe, and it was the first to be cultivated and transformed by man. It has a series of outspoken benefits:

First, linen is “heat-regulated”: it absorbs body-heat and expels it to the outside, leaving a sensation of freshness and dryness.

Second, it is “antiallergenic”: it is non-irritant, does not harbor dust, detergents or limestone residue.

Third, linen is “resistant”: linen is the strongest natural textile fibre. It lasts a long time without deforming and becomes softer to touch the more you wash it.

At last, linen is “ecological”: it is a plant that requires less water than other crops and necessities just a minimal quantity of fertilizers.