At Senszio, we believe a gentleman should also look his best. It can be tough to look sharp and dapper, though, in a suit that’s crumpled from travelling. If you’re travelling by car, plane or train and you arrive with a wrinkled suit, it can certainly put a damper on your day, especially if you have an important meeting or interview. Luckily, there are ways to prevent mishaps from travelling with your suits.

Garment bag

However you’re travelling with your suits, a hanging garment bag is an essential for business travelers. You simply hang the suit inside the bag, taking care not to catch the fabric in the zipper. In the car, just lie the bag flat on the rear seats or in the trunk on top of your suitcases. On an airplane, fold the bag gently and ask an attendant to hang the bag for you. Always check size restrictions on baggage before traveling.


If you’re on a train or don’t have a garment bag, you can still pack your suit in a suitcase and successfully continue travelling with your suits. Carefully turn the jacket inside out and fold it in half. Lie the trousers flat and roll them up to avoid the creasing you get with folding. If you have a shirt, fold it just like you see in stores, with the creases along the sides. Roll your tie and keep it in a shoe.

On arrival, take out your suit right away and hang it. Light creases will simply drop out after a few hours. For heavier creasing, hang it in the bathroom and get some steam going. If that doesn’t work, ask the hotel to dry-clean or press the suit for you.

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