Today’s office wear may or may not come with a tie. However, razor-sharp looks are less optional. When you’re meeting a new client, facing an interview or addressing the board, clothes help. They validate the man you aspire to be.

Here are a few pointers to bear in mind when searching for your perfect business suit:

  • Make the right individual style choice for your environment from patterns and colors; what’s right for an advertising agency won’t be right for an accountancy practice.
  • Choose a robust, well-stitched fabric. Work suits are everyday wear and must withstand the punishment of commuting and city life.
  • Don’t get too casual – two or three buttons is ideal, with style ranging from ultra-trendy (fine for most media work) to highly conservative, with pleated trousers (good for law or accountancy).

A great office suit can make you feel like a million dollars. Some of the finest business minds in history wore bespoke suits. To feel the part, you must look it, and the fit is vital. Make sure your bespoke tailor is taking plenty of measurements (up to 30). For more on the latest styles, sign up for our newsletter or visit our Style Guide.

These are a selection of our work only. A wider range of fabrics are available with our bespoke master during the fitting in your city.

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