Caring for your new wool suit means allowing it to breathe. Constantly keeping your suit in a hanging bag can result in mold or maybe even moths attacking it. Obviously, you should always keep your bespoke suit on a suit hanger. If it’s cedar wood, so much the better, as this repels moths and absorbs moisture.

Moths lay about 100 eggs, which is fatal for any suit. Though some people prefer mothballs, dried lavender leaves in pouches in the pockets are more effective.

Resting and breathing

To get more life out of your suit, never wear it two days running. It needs a day or so to rest and breathe. Hang it up as soon as you take it off and wear a serviette when you eat to prevent stains. Just a few simple rules like this can give you many extra years’ use from your suit. Try to avoid getting your bespoke suit wet and don’t put stress on the pockets or buttons.


Many people have their suits dry-cleaned every few weeks, but the chemicals involved can wear away the wool. If it’s wrinkled, it’s far better just to have it pressed. It’ll look just as good without the exposure to damaging chemicals.

A trouser press is also a good investment for your suit pants. This gently presses them so that they stay flat and you keep a sharp crease. It’s a proven method of care that’s been favored by executives for over 50 years now.

Basic rules of suit care:
Finer wool wears out faster
Always use a hanger and hang upright
Use dried lavender leaves and cedar wood hangers
Rest your suit every other day
Press your suit rather than dry-cleaning it
Use a clothes brush and hand steamer for stains.

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