June 26, 2017

What it’s like to suit the most powerful TV President

Frank Underwood has proved to be the most manipulative and powerful fictional US president to menace the small screen. While his presence is largely in part from Kevin Spacey’s superb acting, you can’t deny the authority that exudes from his bespoke clothing. While we have gone into what makes a DC Power Suit work, let’s look into the details House of Cards brings to the indomitable Frank Underwood bespoke suit.

Frank Underwood Bespoke Dark Navy Suit Red Tie Cuff Link

The Cut.
Frank Underwood’s piercing cowl is mirrored in his bespoke suit. The lines are sharp and straight, clean cut and simple. The downward slope of his lapels mimic his cut cheeks and flapping jowls. In his soliloquies he speaks with a precise anger, his face chopping the words out in fine clarity. His suit cuts clean too, never crinkling or creasing, cladding him in armour. This tight bespoke fit is a hallmark of a fine craftsman.

house of cards bespoke suit navy notch lapel dark color

The Colour.
Frank’s suit mirrors his soul, dark. Frank mesmerizes his prey when negotiating. He doesn’t want his suit to distract his opponent. The dark colours create an immense shadow beneath his bright tie and squinting eyes. Just because all his suits are dark, does not mean he is lacking for choice. From a deep federal blue to a charcoal grey, the bespoke suits are beautiful, but never overpower Frank’s message.

frank underwood house of cards lapel pin

The Accessories
Frank Underwood does not accessorise much. Apart from a tie, the occasional cuff links and a small pin on his lapel, he keeps it clean. When choosing a tie Frank likes to keep it bright. His tie acts as a giant arrow for people to follow, leading their eyes straight to his head. It would make sense to have his tie stand out against his dark suits. His lapel pin is an accessory reserved for those in politics, and simply acts as a signifier to others that he is a politician, and not anything else.

While we may not have such Machiavellian aspirations towards world domination, we can always benefit from a good power suit. At Senszio our master tailors have suited politicians, bankers, lawyers and others to success. Check their tour schedule here and book an appointment.

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