October 6, 2016

Exciting News From Senszio

In early September, we began talking about some exciting news coming from Senszio headquarters, and our social channels were buzzing with curious energy. Now, without further adieu, we are thrilled to announce, our first ever opportunity for a complimentary bespoke suit.

With the emergence into the United States, to places like Boston, Chicago, Miami, New York City and more, our master bespoke tailors have been busy tailoring the perfect suit for our clients, from city to city.

With our summer tour completed, our sights are set on our return to the United States in December. To celebrate our winter tour, we have decided to search for the perfect men’s fashion spokesman. A gentleman who appreciates fine quality and the small details of a custom suit. A man who knows that style and class are a way of life.

The ideal aspirant will be fashion forward, in or near the NYC or Chicago areas and will have their own impressive following of likeminded and stylish people. We are looking for influencers, bloggers and strong voices in the men’s fashion industry.

If you feel you possess the very essence we are seeking, tag @Senszio with the hashtag #SenszioStyle to photos of your finest looks on Facebook and Instagram. Throughout October and November, we will accumulate the numbers, and the more you tag, the greater your opportunity to be selected. Finally, in the first week of December, we will make our decision out of the top 3 and that person will meet with us in December to be fitted for their bespoke suit.

We believe this new affiliate opening is as great an opportunity for growth for you, as it is for us. We know that it will take time to find the ideal candidate, who is unapologetically sophisticated, and influencing his followers on all of today’s best trends. But when we find that person… will it be you?

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