March 15, 2017

Washington DC power suit

From all walks of life, there is no hiding the power that surges through Washington DC. Imposing buildings, influential men and women, aspiring ideals can all make a person feel small. But that doesn’t mean you should look small. Tailoring your suit with subtle changes can give off a powerful aura that may help you excel in such an important city. Here are some tips and tricks for your Washington DC tailored suit to make you look in charge.

The Colour

Darker shades project authority. When choosing the base material for your suit, stick to a charcoal or deep navy. Patterns are also to be avoided. While you might get away with a subtle pin stripe or check, the more patterned that your suit is, the more it will distract from your message. Leave the colour to a tie to be more visible in crowds.

The Fit

First things first, a Washington DC tailored suit will always project authority. It shows that you care about your appearance and that details matter to you. Thin straight lines, classic lapels and pockets show style, simplicity and humbleness. You don’t want to be too fancy with your buttons or any obvious monograms. Strong shoulders will give an aura of superiority, consider having them padded to make sure that they come out straight.


When it comes to accessories, think classic. Cool metals, smooth styling, nothing too flashy or too colorful. Metal tie clips and leather watches go great with any power look. If you have a fancy pen, great! Keep that with you as well, but if you don’t, just go with no pen. Asking someone to borrow a pen can also be an influential move. Other than essential items, try to keep your pockets empty, they will cause bulges in your clothing and might weigh you down, causing you to look tired and weak

The look

It goes without saying if you feel powerful, you will look in control. Stand with your shoulders square and back straight. A smile will always help. When going anywhere, try to dress just slightly more formal than the rest of the people that will be there. If everyone is wearing suits, sneak in a tie clip or wear a pair of cuff links. If it is something more casual, wear a pair of chinos instead of jeans.

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