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There’s much more to Senszio than impeccable craftsmanship and fine hand-tailoring. We’re a firm founded on family traditions and on unimpeachable integrity. That’s why we like to form relationships with our clients. After all, we keep your details on file for many years.

So we maintain great links with you after we’ve delivered your bespoke suit. You’ll find our after-sales process friendly and efficient, with queries handled within 24 hours. We foster great relationships with reputable suit makers in our business cities – that enables you to visit them locally for minor alterations at no cost.

Your new suit will be delivered six to eight weeks from taking your measurements. Any alterations are free of charge and you’ll be given our Fedex or DHL account number so you can quickly return your suit. Please allow two weeks for alterations.

And if you want major changes, then please mail your tailored garment to us and we’ll take care of it – again, free of charge. This is all guaranteed.

Some stats on our suits
95% of the suits we construct are deemed ‘perfect’
3-4% require minor alterations that can be carried out in your city
Less than 1% are returned – that’s 20-25 out of the 5,000-plus suits we make each year.

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